Bagman Q/R Expedition Support

Swift Industries is delighted to offer the Bagman Quick-Release Expedition saddle bag rack. An alloy metal loop extends from the rails of the saddle to support your Zeitgeist saddle bag. The quick release feature allows you to clip and unclip your baggage without the hassle of lacing leather straps. A simple squeeze releases the bag from its mount.

The Bagman Supports are in low supply and high demand. We will try to stock them as frequently as they are available in the US.


Designed and manufactured by Edbro Innovations exclusively for the British company Carradice. Ideal for attaching the Swift Industries' Zeitgeist Saddle Bags to saddles which don't have loops, and to minimize saddle bag sway on other saddles.

Cold Forged alloy components.

Expedition - Total drop 20 x W18cm x D18 cms. wt: 448g

Fits most saddles but NOT compatible with sprung saddles Maximum load 10kg Eliminates bag swing

This product will ship within three business days unless ordered with your Zeitgeist Saddle Bag

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95.00 each