Zeitgeist Touring Saddle Bag

The Zeitgeist Saddle Bag is inspired by the classic touring saddle bag, but here at Swift Industries you can build your bags from a range of 1000D Cordura colors to Fairfield Waxed Canvas. Two straps attach the Saddle Bag to the metal tabs on your saddle (as found on Brooks saddles and the like). The main compartment accommodates the belongings you may want on a long day on the saddle: snacks, rain gear, hand pump, coffee mug, book, day planner, and tall cans of your favorite malted beverage--to name a few.

New features in 2013: We've been sewing the trunk saddle bag for three years now, and we're really excited to have gathered experience and feedback to bring you an improved saddle touring bag this season. Visible changes: An elongated flap ensures that you can stuff your saddle bag to the gills, and we've rotated the side pockets to better accommodate both saddle attachment and the use of the Bagman support. Only to the trained eye: we are reinforcing the points that carry the most load with covered bar-tack stitching and have made the side pockets less deep by an inch to keep small gear close and snug. You can now upgrade either saddle bag size to Expedition status for $17.00.

The Zeitgeist Saddle Bag featured on our site is a small model supported by the Bagman QR Expedition support which can be found at your local bike shop or on-line.


Large Zeitgeist Saddle Bag

Measurements: Body 12"wX8"hX6.5"d with a tapered side panel that measures 6" at the top and 8" at the bottom and external pockets (diameter of 1 lt H20 bottle).

Capacity: 11 Litres

Features: Vinyl interior, leather straps, external side pockets, internal telescoping extension prevents your belongings from falling out.

Small Zeitgeist Saddle Bag

Measurements: Body 10"wX6"hX"6"d with a tapered side panel that measures 6" at the top and 7" at the bottom and external pockets.

Capacity: 6.5 Litres

Features: Vinyl interior, three leather straps, two external side pockets (fit: tube, multi-tool, patch kit), internal telescoping neck with a cinch top prevents your belongings from falling out. Closure straps integrate onto themselves to prevent webbing from dangling into your wheels and fenders.

NEW Expedition Upgrade $17.00

Add four dee rings and two integrated daisy chains to your Zeitgeist Saddle Bag flap. You can lace in bungee or webbing straps to add a jacket or sleeping mat to the exterior of your bag. Perfect for the light packer and heavy packer alike.

Please select your colors and features wisely! Swift Industries charges $5.00 to process order changes after a purchase has been placed.

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“I've had my waxed canvas Zeitgeist Saddle Touring Bag for about six months now and have loved every minute of it. It's roomy enough for all of my junk (u-lock, pump, tools, jacket, etc.) and eliminates the need to carry a backpack on most days. Seriously, I can even cram groceries and library books in there. The materials and construction are super sturdy and fastens to the bike securely. I can't wait to pair it with some panniers up front for some light camping in the summer!”

— Jessica, Seattle