Welcome to Bellingham, Wa. Jason and I haven’t spent much time in Bellingham, so it was of great delight and surprize to stumble serendipitously upon some amazing and like-minded bicycle related crafters. Entering Oyster Bay Canvas Company wouldn’t indicate that you’ve stumbled across amazing bicycle bucket panniers, but that’s what we found when we peeked in the shop window. Cat Seih, the mastermind behind the bucket panniers was sitting at an industrial sewing machine when we came in. Inspired by Kayaking skirts, Cat has developed a roll-top closure system for your standard food grade bucket pannier conversion. Her stitching is well done, and her design is really top notch. Cat organizes a local non-profit in town, so she makes the panniers by the order. You can purchase either a complete set, or have her make you just the skirt. For more info and to order your own set call (510) 499 0535, or email meanguillotine(at)gmail.com

Cat directed us acroos State Street and next to the HUB, to Tom Anderson’s wood shop. She assured us it would be worth it. The woodworker of over 20 years and avid MTBiker makes gorgeous wooden fenders off all sizes. From Bike Friday fenders to your fat road and mtn tires,  he’ll skillfully create a beautfiul set according to your wood preferences and bicycle style. What sets his fenders apart? These beauties are flexible and allow for the perfect fit to your frame and wheels, the sides are curved like a fender should be (unlike some other wooden “fenders”), and Tom has attentively designed his fenders to deter rocks and debris from catching beneath the fender itself. Contact Tom at bikedog53(at)yahoo.com, or call 360.671.6420 for pricing and sizing information!