Swift.Industries is delighted to have another fully outfitted cyclist heading on a big adventure! Aaron Viducich is one of a group of folx committed to an educational cycling tour called Bike49. Their tour is particularly inspiring because the riders are traveling with a developed curriculum that illustrates the social and ecological benefits of self-propelled travel. Young people in 49 states will have the opportunity to engage with these presenters who are really “cycling their talk.” Here’s more from their blog:

“Our mission is to create a mobile community to explore 49 states,  promoting healthy lifestyles for a healthy planet, as well as showcasing the practicality and fun of the bicycle.  We will visit schools, chart our progress online, and chronicle those we meet.  We hope to inspire change, empower those seeking solutions, teach, learn, and have lots of fun.

Bike49 has designed a lesson plan that incorporates geography, environmental science, and healthy education into one interactive lesson plan.  We will spend the first portion of the class discussing our route and goals, and then break the class into groups.  We have prepared six centers, and you may choose the four that best fits your class, lessons plans, and interests.  Because of the small groups, we can gear each center to fit the needs of the students.

These presentations are not just about teaching , but about inspiring students to dream big and create goals that test their strengths, challenge their bodies, and fill their lives with adventure and fun.

Interested teachers should email us at:   bike49 at gmail.com”