Watching the weather on Friday morning, we saw the ominous weather front lumbering from the north, swirling in slow motion above the Pacific Northwest. Six weeks of rain seemed to have collected in this cloud formation, and it was due to dump its load right on us.

With a two day cycling and camping trip already in motion, we scanned the meteorology maps and saw a break in the weather calling our name over the Enchantments. When a place with a name like the Enchantments calls, you’d be a sucker not to go.

With plenty of established and stealth camping nooks tucked along Icicle Creek and Old Blewett Highway we had tons of  exploring to do. We pitched camp and hit the road. Hardly a car passed on winding gravel roads with epic views, and the spiderweb of Forest Service spur roads seemed infinite.

Nights round the fire had us mesmerized by planning the next adventure.

This summer is gonna be sweet!