Materials and Design
Are your bags fully waterproof? The short answer is no. The long answer is that we sew our baggage and thus can’t tout full waterproofing. We do a stupendous job weatherproofing our baggage through design and material choices. When moisture enters our bags, it is through the seams, not through the textiles themselves. Can I waterproof my bags? We recommend using Silicone Seam Sealer products that are made for the outdoor industry. Applying seam seal when the bags are new and clean is ideal. You will need to disassemble the mounting hardware on your panniers in order to pull the bags inside out. Our design is simple and only requires a phillips head screw driver and an 8mm wrench!

Care and Cleaning
How to clean Cordura? Hose off your baggage, and spot clean using a gentle liquid soap. Make sure your bags are 100% dry before storing to avoid mildew.

How to care for XPac: XPac should not be machine washed or dried. For cleaning, we recommend mild soap with soft cloth or sponge, and rinse with fresh water. In the unlikely case that the fabric tears, there is no patch that will stick well to the XPac. You would need to sew a reinforcement patch over the tear, with the same fabric as used in the bag, folding edges under.

Custom Patterning
Swift Industries no longer offers custom patterning. We do not make pattern changes to our stock models. We updated this policy because our production team is running full tilt on our own makes and models. Additionally, charging for the time and resources required to draft a one-off product was exorbitant and we felt bad about it.

What’s the difference between customization and custom patterning? Customization is selecting from predetermined colors and components offered by Swift Industries on our web-store. Custom patterning involves drafting entirely new patterns to create a product. Patterning is time consuming and requires incredible skill. We have the skill. We don’t have the time. Sorry!


All customized baggage, discounted items, and seconds sales are final. ReadyMade baggage, stock parts and gear may be returned within 30 days, as new. Swift Industries will not refund used or worn baggage or parts. All shipping fees will be paid by the customer. Upon receipt of returned product in new condition we will refund your account minus the shipping charges. For Warranty repairs, Swift will cover domestic shipping fees for packages being returned to the customer.

Contact info@builtbyswift.com to process a return. Or follow this link to get started.

Warranty and Repairs
We will gladly mend or replace Swift Industries baggage free of charge if our craftsmanship or material is flawed. Your baggage will be repaired or exchanged as needed. Please be in touch so that we can assess the issue and its warranty coverage. Not covered by warranty is damage caused by improper use or care, daily wear and tear, or damages due to accidents.

Non-Warranty Repairs – Repairs not covered under warranty are priced according to the complexity of the repair.
We love to repair Swift Industries bags to prolong their life!

Warranty shipping is paid by Swift Industries. Repair shipping is paid by the customer.

We are NOT responsible for stolen or lost packages. If your package says it has been delivered but it hasn’t feel free to contact info@builtbyswift.com and we’ll do our best to help. However, we strongly recommend that you contact the carrier to inquire about your package.

Contact info@builtbyswift.com to process a return. Or follow this link to get started.

Shipping Policies

We aim to ship as quickly as we can, while keeping our rates as low as possible. Most orders for stock items are processed within 1-3 business days and a large percentage are processed the same day the order is placed. An automated email will be sent out with a tracking number either when the package is created, or when it is scanned at pick up depending on the carrier.

Shipping times, especially international shipping times, can be quite variable. Please be patient and know that the carrier is working to get you your stuff as fast as they can.

Additionally, while our shopping cart software is super smart, it goofs occasionally, especially on larger orders. If your rate is whacky, we will catch it and issue you a refund shortly after your package ships.

Lost or Stolen Packages

Swift Industries is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. You may file a claim with the carrier and we will provide any assistance the carrier requests, but the claim is your responsibility. Since we know package theft is common, we do offer signature confirmation for an additional fee on our domestic orders. Also, it may be a better option to ship to a workplace or a package holding service location—just enter that address as your shipping address at checkout.

International Shipments

International customers are responsible for all taxes and customs duties that go along with a package. We will not declare any item as a gift or under declare its value to save on customs.

Shipping times, especially international shipping times, can be quite variable. Please be patient and know that the carrier is working to get you your stuff as fast as they can.

Be sure to check out the Dealer Locator to see if there is a Swift dealer in your country who can fill your order.

Local Pickup

If local pickup is selected, you are responsible for picking up your items within the pickup window provided, Wednesdays from 12-6pm. Your order will be held up to 30 days from the original purchase date. If your order has not been picked up within that time, we will refund your account minus a restocking fee of $15. Email  info@builtbyswift.com for more information.

Some Assembly Required

Most of our bags are shipped flat and may require minor assembly to give the bag its shape. Some packages include a piece of plastic that gets inserted into a special sleeve in your bag—make sure you keep it safe and check the videos out on the product page for instructions on how to insert.