This morning I woke to some really wet weather and a six mile ride across town.

I haven’t gotten a chance to put fenders on for the season so I fished around in my closet for a must-have accessory: my Fabric Horse Spats.

If you haven’t heard of Fabric Horse yet, you’re in for a delightful introduction. Based out of Philly, the teensy company makes amazingly creative cycling accessories. Have a look on Carrie’s website and look at what she’s been up to.

The spats are beautifully stitched, and are heavy duty quality. I wear them in the rain to protect my feet and lower legs, and I wear them in fine weather just to look like a bad-ass. Put thick wool socks on underneath, or a pair of leg warmers, and pull ’em over your cycling shoes! They’ll keep you warm and pretty dry–on top of real stylish.

222work_blacktallspatpant2(photo snagged from the website)