Sustainable Timber Production? What does forestry have anything to so with Swift Industries and panniers? I just spent three really rainy days on a 10th grade outdoor experiential education field trip to Hyla Woods–about 35 miles from Portland Oregon. It’s the second time I have had the opportunity to work and camp there and both times I return re-inspired by the methods, ideology, and landscape of the project. If you’ve found Swift Industries through Russ Roca’s little photo journalism piece on the foundations of our company then you’re sure to be taken by this business! Deeply inspired by Aldo Leopold’s land management observations, this timber project is really examining the many sides of the domestic (and outsourced) lumber industry. As a student of Agroecology (small scale sustainable farm systems), I am convinced that the Hayes family has set out to steward a much more complex ecosystem! It’s really amazing!

Have a look at their website: