Hi Martina.

Just wanted to send you an update and a thank you. The bags have all exceeded my expectations. I’ve been using them for a year now, and they have performed brilliantly. I use the backpack conversion roll top pannier daily when commuting to work, use the rando and saddle bag on day trips (like the one pictured below on Chesapeake Bay), and use the full set of panniers for camping. Your craftsmanship is superb. So thanks.

This is a bike I made from scratch with Mike Flanigan at ANT. He teaches about 40 one-week classes each year in which a mere mortal can learn to make a bike from scratch. As you can imagine it’s very expensive (it’s one-on-one teaching in his shop for about 6 days), but it’s also an incredible once in a lifetime experience. Anyhow, I tell you this because I thought you might consider offering such a service yourself. People could come in and make their own bags, with your instruction. Mike started out just teaching a few of these classes (maybe one per month), and they’ve been so popular that he now does it full time (reserving a few weeks for running his business or making a few bikes to order). Just a thought. Happy riding to you and Jason, hope the business is booming…