So you think this seamstress is just some home-body crafter huh? Well, I have a past too, and yes, it involved the most brutal bicycle gang in Prescott, Arizona. Don’t believe me? Just ask local residents about the catastrophic havoc Corvus corax wrought upon that small desert town. Parents were afraid to let their children out at night, cowboys turned a cold shoulder when we’d ride into town. Mid-night meets on the top level of the parking garage sent chills down the security guard’s spine and he’d ride that little golf cart right out of that building quaking in his rent-a-uniform.


Why did we do it? For a love of steel tubing. To honor the lords of Metal. To clash against the forces of petroleum guzzling demons lurking in the shadows of the world.

I gave up that life and cleaned up, gave myself a job and quit my Rhapsody addiction. Until three nights ago there was a knock on the door. I put down my gardening book and put my glasses on. In true Hayduke fashion there stood Lihatsh, a member of the Corvus Corax contingent. He came up from Tucson, Arizona on the winds of havoc. He has a mission: he’s pedaling his book………..