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Over the years Swift Industries has sponsored projects, rides, and races, committed to positive environmental and social change. We are inspired and down-right proud to be sponsoring the second annual Alleycat Acres benefit ride “Streets and Beets.” First and foremost we are supporting Alleycat Acres because they organize urban food production right here in our community. Beyond their commitment to our city and our neighborhoods, the folks at Alleycat Acres have integrated the bicycle into many aspects of their identity and work as an urban farm collective.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves!

By farming the cityscape, we are helping to create solutions that address a number of issues facing our communities. Our urban farms lay the groundwork to enable anyone to join in the process of what we refer to as Farming 2.0: cultivating food, relationships, and a connection to our land in an urban setting.

Food is more than what we eat: it’s a medium through which we can forge intimate, meaningful relationships between people and place. Farming is a medium that reconnects us, both mentally and physically, to our surroundings. Our entire operation is based on the collective belief that urban food systems are key in creating healthy communities.

In an era where the automobile is king, we opt to use bikes as our mode of transportation. By challenging the existing paradigms around food production and transportation, we are creating alternative methods to show just how much can be accomplished when we collectively roll up our sleeves and work side by side.

Together, we can plant seeds of change.”

The event is the second annual Streets and Beets bicycle ride. On March 3rd, the fully supported ride will cover 70 miles beginning right in the heart of Seattle, and includes amazing food stops along the way. Each cyclist who signs on commits to raising at minimum $100.00 for Alleycat Acres.

How Swift is getting involved:

Swift Industries is supporting Alleycat Acres by offering a beautiful set of Roll Top Panniers to the individual who recruits the most riders to participate in the event!

Help us make money! We’re passing up NAHBS (North American Handbuilt Bike Show) to take the opportunity to fundraise and cycle along with everyone else. If you are totally into the cause and can’t pedal with us please contribute $5.00 to our fundraising campaign by clicking on Crowdrise.

Further, participants in the ride will receive coupons for Swift goodies at the Bicycle Expo the weekend after the event.

OR better yet sign up to pedal and raise money for the event and drop our name to help us win our own panniers. Or just some street cred, really.