This is Swift Industries’ call to Cycle all winter long!

As cyclists, outdoor educators, agrarians, and more we love to be connected to the weather in a place. Seasons are vital–each plays its role in the ecology and culture of our homes. It can be sad to think that inclement weather has been sensationalized as a force against us, one that we need to dominate before it overwhelms us. Further, people buffer themselves from the elements to a point that migrations and the graceful, subtle season changes go unheard, unsmelled, unnoticed–ultimately unappreciated.

Here at Swift we see things a little differently. Cycling can expose us to the movement of a murder of crows, the changes in cloud formations, the direction of the wind and rains. We feel the year drawing to a close not by the boxes on our calendar, but by the changing hours of light and dark in a day.

A good outdoors-person knows that there’s no such thing as bad weather–just bad gear. We’d like to invite you (not challenge) to bundle up, invest in some gore-tex (or tin-cloth), put on your fenders, pack your panniers, and ride with us this season!