Every Holiday Season Swift works with a maker to bring unique cycling goods right to your doorstep!
This year we are hyped to highlight a little something for your noggin: the Celestial Swift Cap. The limited edition cycling hat is silk screened with our fox and made just for you!
Get Lost
Meet Gary Rothera,  the owner of Rothera Cycling.
How long have you been making cycling caps?
Since 2009.
I’ve always loved the simplicity of the cycling cap and recognizable nature of it’s design, when you see someone wearing a cycling cap you know you share a common bond.
What sets your hats apart from the rest?
While I love the simplicity of the cap I also love how we can be constantly improving (read complicating) the design and the materials, our caps are made from a super high wicking Dri-Fit fabric with a two way stretch to provide extra comfort and performance. Our caps also feature a stiff, moldable plastic brim, which I’ve always been a fan of to allow for proper flipping. Oh and they’re machine washable!
All our caps are made by hand and and bespoke so we’re always to taylor fit to any particular head size!
How’s Austin? 
I don’t want to make everyone jealous, but Austin is amazing. We moved here this past August and it’s been nothing but sun, swimming and mainly sewing.
What are 5 day to day things that inspire you?
All the great people around me in the cycling community.
My dog.
Sven Nys.
Grosgrain ribbon.
Exploring Texas and beyond.




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Go ahead, check out Rothera Cycling and drool: rotheracycling.com