I only really dislike one thing about winters in Seattle as a cyclist,  WET COLD FEET.  So this year I decided to try to change that.  I bit the bullet and got some rain/cold appropriate shoes!  Shimano SH-MW80; gore-tex, insulating thinsulite the whole nine-yards.

So I have been riding with these shoes for about two months, in the city and on the trails, and I cannot remember when my feet were last cold or sopping wet.  My feet do get a bit sweaty when it is not terribly cold out, but not to hot and they do get a little wet when it is absolutely pouring rain, as it does on occasion here in the great Northwest.  I am happy to report the the drawbacks I have found thus far are not deal breakers.  The tread on the bottom is designed for mountain biking which makes it great when your walking around in town, however on the wet, muddy trails i wish it had a little more umff!, especially on the toe, for making that slick mud a little less slick.  The other issue is less function and more aesthetic, and that is the length of the velcro closure straps, there’s three and a neoprene ankle gusset.  A couple of the straps have a little more material then I think is necessary.  Like I said, not a deal breaker.

All and all I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend them.  Now if i could just figure out how to make Seattle a little bit colder and a little bit drier we’ed be set.