Zeitgeist Pack, Dovetail Collection

Designed to be attached to both your handlebars and your saddle, the Zeitgeist Pack has been given special treatment for the holidays. As part of the Dovetail Collection, this all-around bike portage rockstar lands in Stealth Grey X50 X-Pac material, and comes standard with a Kestrel patch and Velcro attachment point for the flock of interchangeable Dovetail Patch Kit patches designed by artist Wyatt Hersey. 



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Patch Kit, Dovetail Collection

Featuring Wyatt Hersey’s iconic depictions of the Great Blue Heron, the Peregrine Falcon, and the Cassin’s Vireo, this limited edition Dovetail patch set features velcro backing to be applied to products across the collection, including the Dovetail Zeitgeist, the Dovetail Kestrel, the Dovetail Seeker Travel Kit, and the Dovetail Dad Cap. This 3-pack of patches makes it possible to collect them all in -- wait for it -- one fell swoop!


Hobopieces Restuvus

The Restuvus is a saddle-bag attachment part that bolts to the rails of a bicycle saddle. It's easy to install and is the perfect solution for people who want to use our Zeitgeist Pack or Bandito Bicycle Bag on a saddle that doesn't feature built-on attachment tabs.



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Our Zeitgeist Pack is the tried and true bicycle saddle and handlebar bag that set the industry standard.

The Zeitgeist features  two sets of mounting points, one that matches the standard spacing of integrated saddle tabs, and another wider set for attachment on the bars. 

Designed for stable handling: 

An HDPE liner adds structure to the bag, improving its stability on the bicycle by reducing sway. Compression straps pull the bag close to the bicycle, keeping cargo weight compact and tight.


Sizing and standard features:

The Zeitgeist Pack  is available in one size, and comes standard with flap daisy chains and dee rings for versatile off-bike carry and extra dangle capacity.

The Zeitgeist plays nice with bikes that have at least 11.5″ from the center of the handlebars to the top of the tire/fender. This is to accommodate a loaded-down bag with spacers. As little as 7.5″ of clearance is required to run the bag with support/rack.