We get a lot of inquiries for custom bicycle bags. Here’s one of our recent favorites! **But please, folks, if you’re looking for non-bicycle related work, don’t come a knockin…please. –S.I.

After purchasing my Brompton, I needed a way to carry my computer and work clothes. Brompton has a few options, but with the exception of the A-bag (which is way out of budget), I wasn’t overly excited about the options. Ortlieb has recently made some nice bags for the Brompton.  While incredibly functional, they lack an element of individuality and class that the Brompton exudes (It is fillet-brazed in England).

Swift Industries had previously made a bespoke saddlebag (Trunk) for me and I was very impressed with the quality. I contacted them regarding a bag for the Brompton and they were game. After discussing the design and construction of the bag with Martina and Jason, they had at it.

After some additional email discussion, I received an email with the title exclaiming, “o m g…as my high school students say.”[Martina is a high school teacher on the side]I had a feeling that meant something good…really good!  I rushed over to get the bag as soon as I could and was blown away with the quality, style and character of my new Brompton bag. Swift industries nailed a one-off bag on the first try. The only feature that was later added was a drawstring cinch to close the bag when in bad weather. I only really need it when the rain is coming at me sideways.

This bag continues to impress.  It is my go to bag for bike, car, and airplane travel.  It is perfectly sized as a carry-on and complements the bike beautifully!  I’m sure I will have many more years with this bike and bag.

–Wesley Smith, Seattle WA

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