In 2007 Goods was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a debilitating and permanent condition.  This form of arthritis basically likes to attack ones joints as though they do not belong in the body… weird huh!  Well after a long period of not being able to move around or ride his bike he got health insurance (which didn’t actually cover anything for awhile and wound up being very expensive, but thats another topic) and found treatment.  Now he take medicine that make him invincible!

That summer he decided to “help” and joined the “cycling for a cure” crew to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation chapter is Seattle, Wa.  In 2009 he pushed the folks at the Arthritis Foundation he had been riding with to do a longer fundraising ride down the Oregon Coast.  Thus the Peoples Coast Classic was born.  A six day cycling extravaganza down the Oregon coast, it’s beautiful, it’s by the ocean, there will be beer and sea loins.  What else could you ask for.  Check it out!!

Oh ya, we, Swift is making some really cool custom bags as incentive prizes.  Keep an eye out for picture soon.