November 23rd is #womenledwednesday, a global call to purchase from business that are owned, founded and built by women.

You have the power to make today the most impactful financial day of the year for Swift Industries, and that matters!
Given this era where women continue to fight tooth and claw for bodily autonomy, equal pay, and for our place in institutions of power, your choice to invest in a women-led independent outdoor brand is profound.

Every single person that leads a department at Swift Industries identifies as female. As the captain of the ship, Martina works alongside three incredible women to run a team of fourteen talented people.

The collective intellect, awareness and passion that drives decision making at Swift Industries is inherently impacted by our experiences as women in a dramatically male-dominated industry. We believe that  fostering collaboration, personal development, and collective growth are as impactful and central to our success as drive, authority, initiative, and analytics. It is our dream for this model of leadership to be the norm across all companies in our industry, regardless of the gender configuration of their management teams.

Just as Swift has normalized female leadership in our own company, we would love to participate in building a world in which we can walk into meetings with business advisors, bankers and other institutions of power and no longer find ourselves the only non-male people in the room.