Our Customer Service Rep, Kevin, (also the founder/owner of Pine Cycles) took to the rugged terrain that is Capitol State Forest for the Evergreen Gravel Race (aka EGG) last month. The EGG is renowned for being one of the most grueling gravel races in the northwest due to its being smack dab in the middle of the coldest/wettest month and with having an ungodly amount of elevation gain. Naturally, people flock to the challenge, not only because it’s hard, but because it has a unique race model that’s based on the ride-what-ya-brung mentality. This, along with a zero-dollar entry fee (donations are encouraged), opens the gate to many riders from all walks of cycling. 

Unlike past years, snow (and a lot of it) was forecasted for the day of the race. The predicted snow led many to forego the torture that is riding 38mm gravel tires in POW, understandably. And although a few people showed up for the race, only one finished: Kevin. Here’s his ride report from the Evergreen Gravel Grinder.


Easily the hardest 56 miles of my life but one of the most beautiful days I’ve had on/with a bike. The first half was super fun and so beautiful. Name of the game was trying to keep the bike in the freshly laid car tracks. Tough but doable. At mile 28 I saw the race organizer, Ben, who said “it’s pretty fucked” further up on route.
I should have bailed but it was early, a perfect sunny bluebird day and I was having too much fun. So I decided to keep riding till I thought it was fucked or there were no more tracks to follow. I made it all the way to mile 45, with 12 more to finish, and that’s when things got hairy. The tracks had disappeared and by that point I THOUGHT it would be way longer to turn back.

Little did I know no human or vehicle had touched the route from 45 until about 52 so I was post holing in knee/ankle deep snow carrying my bike for most of it. I kept thinking “the next section will have tracks” but it never did. At 53 I came across a family that drove with me side-by-side up the mountain and invited me to warm up by a fire. They gave me a couple shots of fireball and it gave me the boost I needed to make it all the way to the finish! So fun, so stupid. I’m here for it!

A huge shout out to Ben for hosting this event and being such an amazing human. Sorry for scaring you. 😘