Alexa Everson, @rockcognoscente, joined Swift Industries LIVE to share her knowledge of route planning and all of her hot tips & tricks to making your campout plans 100% FUN & 0% stress. She’s all about keeping it simple, knowing your limits, and hoping for the best while still preparing for the worst. Let’s make your wildest backyard explorin’, overnight campin’, bikepackin’ dreams a reality!


About your guide Alexa. She/Her. I’m a Southwest gal with a brain for geology, a heart for community, and legs for adventure. As a Black Fox, @the_blackfoxes, I strive for every human to enjoy outdoor spaces in the most respectful, equitable, and sustainable manner. My experience as an outdoor travel guide for cycling & hiking tours has afforded me the ability plan my own epic adventures and getting to share that knowledge to empower others in the same way is my new love language. ❤

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