We’re Northwest by Nature

At its core, Swift Industries is a bicycle bag company in Seattle, Washington. Our products are designed and put through the wringer in the Pacific Northwest. We love bicycles, chase adventure, and have deep admiration for high quality gear.

We started in 2008: two kids with a sewing machine, some chicken scratch sketches, and an insatiable obsession with bicycles. With our basement as a workshop and Cascadia as our backyard, Swift Industries was born. In the beginning we really roughed it—we were dirtbag adventurers and our company was homespun, vibrant, and delightfully unconventional.  As people around the world have caught wind of Swift Industries we’ve loved navigating growth, bringing in an amazing team, and working long, hard hours to get people adventuring by bicycle.

Since day one we’ve strived to make stellar bags. As we’ve grown, everyone at Swift has committed to rethinking the way gear is designed. Each customizable product is made from start to finish by one of our accomplished seamstresses right at HQ, a company trademark that is nearly extinct in modern manufacturing. We work with local factories and source products overseas to ensure that our gear meets our standards of durability and design.

We learned to design and sew because it’s dynamic and compelling work. We give materials dimension, transforming flat and individual components  into tough, functional, beautiful adventure bags.

Your adventure bag.


We figure that the best way to make the bags we dream about is to chase the open road. As gear designers, an ulterior motive lies in each adventure we head out on: it’s a quest to make better and better bicycle bags.

Wanderlust influences more than the durability and function of our designs. The whole big picture at Swift Industries is shaped by our experiences on the open road.

On a tour down the Pacific Coast in 2006, we drafted what we thought was our traveller’s edict and has turned out to be the tenets of our working philosophy.

Trust that you’re capable of going the distance
Let the experience fuel your creativity
Have a plan, and plan not to stick with it
Enjoy your encounters with the people you meet along the way
Move steadily and with purpose
Heighten your sense of place
Find inspiration in the little things
Get lost every once in awhile
Be aware of the impact that you make


Meet the Makers

Kelly Andersen, Head of Operations

Kelly moved from Colorado in 2007 and hasn’t been able to leave. As the Head of Operations at Swift, she likes to get her hands dirty problem solving, nerding out on processes and making sure everything runs smoothly. Outside of Swift, she loves all things outdoors. Most of her free time is spent adventuring in the mountains, climbing, biking and surfing.

Martina Brimmer, Cofounder and head honcho

When Martina turned 26, she started Swift Industries and embarked what was has been the biggest adventure of her life. She’s applied the very same passion, curiosity, and innovative problem solving that are demanded in the great outdoors to building her company. Her design skills and sewing accuracy move forward with every new bicycle adventure she takes on. Each year Martina ups the antics as a backcountry explorer and her delight in cycling drives her pursuit of mountain single track, high alpine passes, quiet country roads, and weaving through Seattle.

Nein Frankenstein, Books and Accounting

Bookkeeper at Swift and current chairman of the Nerd Club, Nein specializes in keeping track of things, giving long winded answers, organizing, and learning new formulas in Excel. When not deep in the books at work she can be found getting dirty in the veggie garden, in the kitchen perfecting her sourdough technique or at the table winning yet another round of cards. Nein was born and raised in occupied Duwamish territory, so called “Seattle.” Her past lives include festival production, bartending, farming, and punk.

Jason ‘Goods’, Cofounder and founder of Swift Adventure Co.

Jason ‘Goods’ brings fifteen years as a bike mechanic, the skills of a mountaineering guide, and the contagious stoke of an educator to Swift Industries. He searches high and low for the best outdoor gear to stock our Adventure Headquarters (the Swift Showroom), and scours roads and trails in search of Washington State’s hidden gems and quiet destinations. Jason’s degree in Outdoor Education fuel Swift Adventure Co. and the Stoked Spoke Adventure Series. Every spare minute finds Jason fiddling with gear, refining Swift designs, and on his way to the waters of local rivers for a few peaceful hours of casting. He works best with Loki at his heels.

Weston Hein, Sales Associate

Weston is a PNW kid at heart. He loves spending time in the Cascades and the San Juans, where he feels most at home. When he’s not there, you can find Weston talking shop with folks in our dealer community. Outside of bikes, he’s intrigued by interior design, all things mechanical, and enjoys a cheesy action flick.

Ilana Holmes, Senior Product Designer

Ten years ago Ilana upended a career in non profit arts administration to pursue a passion for gear manufacturing and design at Swift Industries. The second employee hired at Swift, Ilana has worked her way through production line sewing, to production management, to technical design and new product development. Her education has taken place on the job, and she is constantly driven by developing new skills and absorbing knowledge from the excellent colleagues and outdoor enthusiasts that surround her. Outside of Swift she is riding bikes, gardening and generally enjoying the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

Eric Wilkins, Product Manager

In late 2014, Eric left his home state of Dela-where? and drove across the country to pursue a career in sewing and design in a city he barely knew but felt strongly about. Since making it to Seattle he has worked for a few small design companies and makers growing his skills, knowledge and street cred along the way eventually landing at Swift as the Product Manager. He is a self-proclaimed newb in the cycling scene and strives to stay rubber side down both in the saddle and in life. An amateur photographer obsessed with shooting on film, you can generally find him with some old camera slung around his neck tentatively snapping pics. Along with shredding bikes and taking shots, he has been known to work on his own design ideas and create custom backpacks and bags in a secret lair somewhere deep below the damp, dreary streets of old Seattle.
Peep them pics: @ericrwilkins

Trip, Certified Lap Warmer

Loki, Keeper of the Gate

In 2021, we said a tearful goodbye to our incredible companion Loki. He grew up with one eye on a sewing machine and the other on the rear tire of a mountain bike. This dog was one special little *SSHole–really living-up his cattle-dog DNA. Here’s to a nether place with squirrels and cats to terrorize, all the beef hearts you could muster, and endless trails. Damn, we’ll miss you. 💜