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San Francisco, CA                           Established in 2012

There’s no better match than Swift Campout and a homegrown touring company in San Francisco called Pedal Inn. When the founders, Nick and Lindy, discovered their love for travelling by bicycle they set out to share their delight with the public. When we discovered Pedal Inn it was in the form of a beautiful bike-camping recipe book the duo published called the Pedal Inn Weekender. Nick and Lindy’s passion for food, cycling, and the social and geographic connections that come with bike travel, shone through in their compilation. We were smitten!

Sit back for some story telling, a huge dose of inspiration, and an invitation to the grand opening of the Pedal Inn pop-up shop in San Francisco’s Alite Outpost on April 16th, 2015

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Pedal Inn is about sharing our passion for bikes, cooking, and the outdoors with everyone.

We offer bike camping tours based out of San Francisco to the most captivating nature destinations in the Bay Area. We’ve crafted what we believe is the perfect all-inclusive, active outdoor adventure for locals and visitors alike. We supply the camping gear, adventure bikes, food, expert guides, and all the special details in between.

We believe in setting off on bikes and going camping as way to excite people’s spirit of wonder and adventure. By slowing down and staying local, possibility and discovery abound: nature tells a story, you get a unique perspective on a place, the food tastes even better, and you’re able to reconnect with what really matters. Pedal Inn brings the full experience together, makes it accessible, and shares it one memorable overnight Bay Area bike camping tour at a time.

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We feel really lucky to live in a place like San Francisco where a bike can take you to a diverse range of environments, all with a distinctly beautiful perspective on nature. It’s what inspires us, keeps the ideas flowing, and rewards the effort we’ve put into the Pedal Inn. Every tour we go on has those Aha! wilderness moments that surprise us, bring new discoveries, and make us forget we just rode in from the city.

“We’ve explored a lot but really

just scratched the surface here—

you could get out there every

weekend for a year and camp

somewhere distinct and spectacular,

all within a reasonable day’s ride from the city.”

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Pedal Inn Favorites

Apart from our Swift panniers, we packing the usual camping kit necessities but with a few extras stashed in to liven things up. You’ll find a couple Trangia stoves for cooking, a pretty extensive camp kitchen (with lots of spices), aluminum foil, strands of LED lights to set the mood, Alite camp chairs, a weather-beaten Japanese hatchet, Nick’s harmonica, our trustly Olympus OM-D camera with vintage glass, a smallish tripod, and plenty of Four Barrel coffee. Of course, we’ll also be stopping along the way to pick up essentials like cold beer and a bottle of whiskey to share. We don’t put too much emphasis on packing light, rather we follow our interests, stay comfortable, and eat ridiculously well ‘cause it’s only one night and we want to do it in style.

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Pedal Inn’s top choice Bay Area Swift Campout Destination

Looking for a stellar spot for your Swift Campout? Pedal Inn’s top choice is Tennessee Valley in the Marin Headlands, about 20 miles from the Mission District. You can strike out from San Francisco on a tour through the city, including Golden Gate Park and the Presidio, before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and taking in sweeping views of the Pacific. From there it’s biking paradise on the waterfront trails and sublime bike path of Marin County.

Tennessee Valley is a short turn from the Bay, nestled between rugged, wind-swept hills with the campsite nestled in a tranquil little valley. There are some great trail riding with fun rollers that reveal a small, untouched beach that delivers some of the most memorable sunsets anywhere. It’s part of a vast network of protected parkland that makes up the Marin Headlands and features some of the best trail riding anywhere.


Go on and check out an outright celebration of Pedal Inn and bike-camping in and around the Bay Area!


Thursday April 16th, 2015   6pm to 9pm

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