Stoked Spoke Season 4 ep. 2

Thank you to all the came out to listen, be inspired, get stoked, and free yourself of the Pacific Northwest gloom if only for a couple hours. Big thanks to the presenters for telling their tales. We are taking Stoked Spoke on the road this year and will be hosting SS with

Transit Cycle in Tucson, AZ. Thursday March 15th, Doors @ 6:30pm, $5

100 South Avenida del Convento suite 200, Tucson, AZ 85745

We will be back with more Stoked Spoke on:

*March 15th, 2018-6:30pm The Mercado, Tucson, AZ*

*March 28th, 2018-6:30pm Rhino Room*


Gabe Elbert


Solo Journey Across America

In 2011, I embarked on my first bike tour: a solo, months-long quest to face my fear of strangers, particularly men (sorry, guys, I’m better now), and to better understand this bizarre nation we inhabit. I discovered breath-taking natural beauty on this North American continent, overwhelming generosity from fellow countrymen, some scary close calls, and an inner strength that surprised even me. Addicted to bike touring, I did many more (shorter) trips over the years, including Seattle to Portland and back, but the cross-country one has stayed with me. I’m currently writing a memoir about the trip and would love this opportunity to speak about my adventure, as a woman and as an American.

Start/End: Tillamook, OR to St. Augustine, FL

Milage: 5,000mi

Duration: 3.5 months

Map: coming soon



Riding the Arizona of British Columbia

I love BC and going places I haven’t been before, so this summer I decided to ride the Okanogan from its origins in south central BC to where it ends at the Columbia River. Starting by train from Vancouver, I took it over night to Kamloops and rode through the Okanagan Lake Country (or the Arizona of Canada), a beautiful land of orchards and wineries before crossing into the dry lands of the Washington Okanogan, a much quieter, and more desolate corner of our great state. In between I rode some beautiful back roads, an amazing trail, and checked out some fun towns that I never knew existed. And there is so much more BC to explore!

Start/End: Kamloops, BC to Lake Chelan

Milage: 300mi

Duration: 5 days




Oregon Timber Tail…ish

This isn’t a story about perfectly executing a plan, but it is one about keeping things loose and not getting bummed with mother nature doesn’t cooperate. Last summer 5 buds planned to ride two tiers of the Oregon Timber Trail around the solar eclipse. Due to crazy ass fires and the need to officiate a wedding in Sisters we had to modify things significantly, but we still had a ton of fun and did some very important dingdanglebong product testing.

Start/End: Oregon Timber Trail

Milage: 150mi

Duration: 5 days



A Trip with Gifford

Two friends and Gifford went for a little off-road journey amongst iconic NW volcanoes. A couple questionable trail choice and a few unexpectedly challenging washouts later, they came out the other side with a good story.

Start/End: Randle, WA

Milage: 130mi

Duration: 3 days


Jason Goods