Swift Campout is the annual, global call to go bike-camping to celebrate the summer solstice. For the tenth year in a row, adventurers will pack camp gear on their bicycles and head out on June 22nd and 23rd, 2024 to kick off summer with a bike-overnight. Swift Campout is an ode to spending the longest day in the saddle and the shortest night under the stars. It is a celebration of the stellar community that rallies to share this stoke. To capture the magic of the event, we’ve called on Navigators around the world to guide their communities on a Swift Campout adventure.


We’re pleased to introduce to Bikepacking Roots, and their two Stewards, Andrea and Kurt. 


Bikepacking Roots is a national 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and advancement of bikepacking, the growth of a diverse bikepacking community, and access to and the conservation of the landscapes and public lands through which we ride. In our Community Programs, we work to lower barriers to bikepacking through educational programming, hosting beginner-friendly bikepacking events, and supporting diversity in the sport through our BIPOC Bike Adventure Grant.


In 2023, we launched an expanded Regional Stewards program, partnering with new and experienced bikepacking leaders around the country across our 3 pillars: Routes, Community and Advocacy. This program has connected us to a group of 30 amazing Regional Community Stewards who we are supporting to host beginner-friendly Community Campouts all year long as well as workshops and other activities to build community around bikepacking.


We are excited for two of our Stewards, Andrea and Kurt to be hosting Community Campouts on Swift Campout weekend this year! We hope you will give Bikepacking Roots a follow on Instagram or Facebook or join our mailing list to find out about many other campouts we have coming up this year hosted by our Stewards. We also curate a Community Events Calendar where we share non-competitive, free or low-cost, community focused events from many other organizations – we hope this can serve as a hub for people to tap into local communities they might not already be aware of, spark collaborations, and more!


Andrea Roelofs, San Antonio, TX Campout

We love the idea of Swift Campout bringing so many groups together in spirit to experience bike joy through a camping trip around Summer Solstice. It is so exciting to see the bikepacking community grow and to welcome folks from all backgrounds and experiences with cycling. It is great to have companies like Swift that not only create awesome bikepacking gear but channel a lot of energy into supporting the community as well!

Campout Destination: Castroville Regional Park

About the ride: The route starts in downtown San Antonio and we will make our way out of the urban center to the country roads southwest of town. The route is paved with opportunity to refill on water.

The Route: 30-35 miles. Paved.

Difficulty Level: Easy – Great for newcomers to bicycle touring who are comfortable on the road and ready to expand their skills. Expect a pace of 12-14 miles per hour. 

Registration: Please follow @bikepackingroots on Instagram or join our mailing list at www.bikepackingroots.org for registration information coming soon.


Kurt Pitts, Missouri Campout

(he/him, Hillsboro, MO) I started the Missouri Bikepacking Facebook Group in May 2022, shortly after my first multi-day bikepacking trip on the Katy Trail. I love creating new routes, exploring new areas, and I am eager to get more local group rides and events together. I am a US Army Reserve Veteran. I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I met my wife in the Army, and we have two sons that are 7 and 9. I raced BMX when I was younger, and I sent my BMX bike to Iraq and Afghanistan to get around base. I feel more comfortable on a mountain bike but will often hop on my gravel bike when our local trail conditions are poor.

Campout Destination: Sutton Bluff Recreation Area (7378 County Rd 849, Centerville, MO 63633) Sutton Bluff is located on the West Fork of the Black River making this an ideal location to take a dip and cool off after the ride. Our campsite is in proximity of flush toilets, hot showers, and drinking water. We are also adjacent to a group picnic pavilion, equipped with about 10 tables.

The Route:  We have 2 route options, a mixed pavement and gravel option and a singletrack option.  You can view them here.  The Gravel/Pavement route is 40 Miles, the singletrack route is 35 miles.

About the ride: We will gather at Koinania Valley Ranch (1231 Co Rd 66, Black, MO 63625) Riders choosing the singletrack option will have 5 and a half miles of hardpack gravel to take them to the Ozark Trail. After 12 miles of undulating singletrack on the Middle Fork and Karkaghne sections of the OT, they will reach Sutton Bluff Campground. Day 2 is a complete backtrack of the day 1 route. Each day is 17.8 miles with day 1 having 1,363 feet of ascent and day 2 having 1,414 feet of ascent.

Riders choosing the gravel option will have 19 miles with 1,696 ft of ascent. 6 miles are paved. The 13 miles of gravel has an even split of smooth/hardpack and loose/chunky. Day 2 has 21.7 miles with 1,581 ft of ascent. 5.5 miles of pavement and 16.2 miles of gravel with another even split of smooth/hardpack and loose/chunky.

Difficulty Level: Moderate – For active individuals who are ready to ride for a full day. Expect variety in the route with a few serious climbs and descents. Expect a pace of 10-12 mph.

Registration: Limited to 15 participants. Please follow @bikepackingroots on Instagram or join our mailing list at www.bikepackingroots.org for registration information coming soon.