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The Traitor Cycles  Slot was designed, perhaps inadvertently, just for this occasion.

Baggage and Racks

We’re continuing to test out the low profile panniers we have in the works. They’ll have so many epic miles behind their design!

I popped a frame bag on each bicycle and both Jason and I are utilizing the space on our bars for packing.


It’s important for me to have access to food as I ride. Food is no joke for me–I eat constantly when we’re out on the trail. The Paloma Bar Bag becomes something like a dashboard. I store the snacks and layers that I’ll need to grab right at the helm of my bicycle.

Jason is running a small harness to carry his sleep system on his handlebars. Because he is charging electronics with the Supernova Plug, he has a chalk bag right at his headset to hold his gadgets.

I’m running front panniers on a Tubus Tara Rack. When the geometry of a bicycle frame and the design of the fork are conducive, I prefer to push my load instead of pull it.


Jason’t not stoked, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he’s running rear panniers.

I’ve got my sleeping bag and ground cloth in my Small Zeitgeist Saddle Bag–supported by the Bagman QR Support.


For the past week I’ve been that chump commuting through Seattle with all of my gear. It adds ten minutes to my commute each way making my eight mile pilgrimage a 50 minute slog up some gnarly hills. It’s been fun getting to know the Slot. I have a feeling that the moment we hit gravel tomorrow, that bike will come alive.


We take off in six hours. Our house is still in slight turmoil from the whirlwind of gear that was combed through and packed up. Our dog, Loki, the famous blue heeler of Swift’s Instagram feed, knows exactly what is happening and is not stoked. We keep quadruple-checking the maps and checking off hypothetical lists in our heads. In the morning, we’ll load into Jason’s folks’ Jeep and get shuttled out to Quilcene, WA, where we’ll drop in on our route.  From there: glaciated peaks and expansive forests, glistening waterways and open skies. Then we’ll officially be out of range.



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We’ll be on the road from July 20th to 30th. Check out the route we’ll trace, the gear we’ve chosen, and how we plan to carry what we need for ten days in the mountains on our blog!



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