A large part of our sustainability is physically built into the bags in the fabrics we choose to use. Over the past couple years we have transitioned to ECOPAK as the shell fabric for our product line. This information from Challenge Sailcloth, the creators of ECOPAK™, will give you more insight into this decision:

ECOPAK™ was designed to meet or exceed the technical properties of laminated nylon, while meeting the environmental targets of the outside community. Others may claim to be ‘carbon neutral’ by buying carbon-offsets after polluting; Challenge has taken the progressive step of eliminating harmful chemicals from the start!  Unlike other outdoor/sailcloth laminators, we do not use solvent-based adhesive, and our hydro-electric powered factory does not pollute air, land or water.

– The woven fabric components are 100% Repreve recycled polyester.

– The DWR is C0 with no fluorocarbons.

– The proprietary ‘Challenge RUV’ recycled film backing is 97% UV resistant (standard shiny film is about 30% UV resistant).

– The adhesive contains no solvents or VOC’s.

– ECOPAK™ uses over 20 plastic bottles per yard, reduces CO2 emissions by over 1 lb./yd, and is recyclable after use.

ECOPAK™ is the only fully recycled line of composite fabrics.


The single biggest thing that we as manufacture’s can do to support sustainability and a circular economy is build products to last. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality functional gear that will be with you for the long haul. We’re also committed to saving damaged gear through our in-house repairs program. See the Customer Support section of our website for details on Repairs.