We are very excited to drop this news! Black In The Saddle happens next week!

Mark your calendars — or, better yet — follow this link to create a reminder: Black In The Saddleis going down next Thursday, Sep 3rd, at 5:30 pm PST / 8:30pm EST​! Join us as moderator Devin Cowens leads a diverse panel of Black cyclists through a lively conversation around their cycling origin stories, their most memorable adventures, and how they’ve been handling this tumultuous year.

Featured panelists include ​Lydia Moore​, ​Kaiden Nia-Ali​, ​William Loyd​, ​Duncan Benning​, and​ Erick Cedeño​.

The culture-shaping events of 2020 have awakened the Cycling and Outdoor industries to the existence of the many BIPOC communities whose incredible stories and experiences for too long have been ignored. ​Black In The Saddle​ is our effort in helping to amplify these important perspectives in advance of year’s Campout. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating these stories!

Devin Cowens (she/her): Originally from Dallas, and currently based in Atlanta, Devinhas been cycling as her main mode of transportation for then years. She has discovered a love for bikepacking and spending as much time outdoors on bike as possible. And event planner by day, she is an advocate and organizer for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who identify as Women, Femme, Trans, and Non-Binary (WTF NB) in cycling. She manages WTF Bikexplorers ATL, a community for WTF NB riders of all experience and fitness levels in Atlanta and the Southeast. She was recently brought onboard at Velocio Apparel and invited to join the WTF Bikexplorers Gravel Team, and is looking forward to her first season as a racer!
If you missed Alexa Everson’s amazing presentation on adventure preparedness, route-planning, and navigation, you’re in luck! The entire presentation is now archived on our YouTube channel and available to tune into at your leisure. We tapped Alexa to help create a resource for novice to intermediate-level bike-campers wanting to boost planning confidence before Swift Campout, and her presentation does exactly that! But we guarantee the veteran bike adventurer will discover a handful of helpful new tricks and tips, too!