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January 27th, 2021 5:30PST/8:30EST

Well, its that time of year once again. The Season Kick-off for Stoked Spoke is finally here. Wondering what Stoked Spoke is? Check out our previous post.

For the Season Kick-off we have some PNW Stoked Spoke veterans from the before time, when we could get together in real life. We have fours tale of adventure for you:

Potholes and Plantains, bikepacking in Cuba

Cursing the Corvallis to Coast Trail

Howl at the Moon, type 2 fun in the Gifford Pinchot

Pedal the Puget: See the Salish Sea by Saddle




Jessica C. Levine

350 miles.

Ridewith GPS Route

See the Salish Sea by Saddle

Pedaling the Puget is a loop right from downtown Seattle. By Washington State Ferry, I made it over to the Kitsap Peninsula, riding to Manchester State Park. My route would include a number of bridges and ferries linking peninsulas and islands across the sound, including the Hood Canal Bridge to the Olympic Peninsula and the Deception Pass Bridge from Whidbey Island to Fildago Island. Inter-island ferries support travel among the San Juan Islands. Returning along the 1-5 corridor through Skagit and Snohomish Counties, the route includes dedicated bike trails like the Tommy Thompson trail, The Centennial Trail, and the Interurban Trail.

Becca Book

450 mile

Ridewith GPS Route

Potholes and Plantains

We set out to explore Cuban backroads and avoid the busy towns and cities. But the warm hospitality of our hosts (and difficulty explaining to anyone why dirt road cycling is even a thing) kept drawing us out of the mountains and marshes and back to village guest houses and family dinner tables. The scenery was breathtaking, but the fascinating history and chance to explore a world not ruled by ads and consumption was what made this trip an adventure.


Marley Blonsky

60-ish miles


Cursing the Corvallis to Coast Trail

The Corvallis to Coast Trail is a remote 60ish mile mixed-surface ride that goes from Oregon’s Willamette Valley to the Pacific Ocean. This trail has it all – starting in downtown Corvallis, Oregon and winding over two small mountain ranges we experienced gorgeous gravel roads, sweeping vistas over recent clear cuts, meadows of wildflowers, and picturesque farms. This adventure is not for the faint of heart – over two days we climbed nearly 6,000 feet and rode a mixture of single track, well maintained gravel, chunky gravel, and a couple miles of scary highway with zero resupply points. It was all worth it in the end, as your reward is a refreshing swim in the Pacific Ocean. Join Marley Blonsky as she tells the story of bikepacking this route with a film crew in tow, and catch the whole story this summer in the Shimano Original film, All Bodies on Bikes.


Miles Boucher & Ben Rainbow

165 miles

Ridewith GPS Route

Howl at the Moon

 Inspired by the power of the most destructive volcanic event in U.S. history, this ride is equal parts tough physical challenge through rugged terrain and reverence for the beauty of the mountain Loowit/St. Helens. The forest nexus between Portland, Seattle, and Olympia is a gathering place for steep grades, loose roads, and new friends. This route picks a line north across one of the most dynamic areas in the PNW Cascades, climbing to the blast zone of the volcano and back along thickly forested ridgelines and deep cuts of moss-surfing goodness. Some technical and STEEP hiking at points ups the difficulty score, but the rolling time between snack stops and geological wonders tips the balance heavily in favor of Good Times Rolling.

Happy Trail Tales!

 – Announcing Swift Industries Stoked Spoke 2021 –

We are excited to be gearing up for what will be the seventh consecutive year of our Stoked Spoke Adventure Series!  What? You’ve never heard of Stoked Spoke?? Well, that’s no surprise, because up until now, it’s been a local Seattle event to help us and our community stay stoked through the long, dark PNW winter.

What Is the Stoked Spoke Adventure Series? Traditionally it’s been a wildly popular series of monthly crowdsourced multimedia adventure presentations shared in front of a live audience at a local watering hole. Each night includes four to six presentations, at 5 to 15 minutes apiece, showcasing bike-camping adventures in a slideshow format with route maps, fun storytelling, and helpful planning info for the audience. 


Our 2020 Stoked Spoke season was clipped short by the pandemic, but for 2021, we’ve pivoted to open up to a global audience virtually, and now it’s time to engage our network to source the best, most share-worthy adventure stories our community can come up with! Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve perfected our technique for hosting live-streamed virtual events featuring multiple presenters in multiple time zones. We’re excited to bring the Stoked Spoke series to our global community, and to hear tales of adventure from the far reaches of our beautiful planet. 

How can you participate? There are two ways YOU, our global Swift Community, can follow along:

  1. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – follow this link to submit a route presentation on one of the below dates. Read on for more details about what your getting yourself into.
  2. SAVE THE DATE – follow the links below to set yourself a reminder and get ready to tune-in to the live broadcasts on our YouTube channel.


When Is Stoked Spoke? The last Wednesday of the month, January – April; 5:30 – 8:00pm PST


*We are proud to be dedicating the February and March dates to adventure tales told exclusively by our FTW NB (Femme,Trans, Womyn, and Non-Binary) and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) friends! Too often these communities are excluded from the narrative of exploring and recreating outdoors, and we miss out on inspiring adventures from all those who roam. It’s high time the tide turns and we at Swift are committed to doing our part to amplify the voices of all people that explore and find themselves in the outdoors.

How To Submit An Adventure Entry! The Swift crew will be reviewing all submissions and selecting pitches that help create a well-rounded event, highlighting a diversity of presenters, styles, terrain, levels of challenge, and mesmerizing landscapes! Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Create a gallery of the best photos from your adventure in a shareable folder, such as Google Photos. Create a link to the folder and enter the URL below.
  2. Create a Ride With GPS map for your route. If you are not a member of Ride With GPS, you’ll need to sign up. Don’t worry, it’s free, it’s easy, and it will enhance your future route-planning! Once you’ve created your route map, enter the URL in the submission form.
  3. Kick back and wait to hear from us. If your route is selected, you will receive an email outlining presentation and slideshow guidelines, as well as some best practices for presenting with our virtual tools.


If Selected, Here’s What You’re Committing To:

  1. Creation of a shareable Google Slides or Powerpoint presentation featuring your route and the most kickass photos of your adventure a minimum of 1 weeks out from event date
  2. Being fully prepared, with all the necessary tech and connectivity considerations, and familiarity with your route/adventure presentation details the day of the event. Please let us know if you need any assistance.
  3. Being okay with Swift Industries and/or Swift Adventure Co. publishing a summary of each Stoked Spoke event, including route information and RWGPS route map links. (if your route is sensitive or passes through private property, sharing it with the public may not be wise)
  4. Committing time to not only creating your presentation, but also a brief trial run to get to know the streaming tech and a short Q&A session right after your presentation with the virtual audience.


What’s in it for you? Stoked Spoke presenters will receive 20% off Swift Industries products and discounts from sponsors. Discount code expires May 30, 2021


Questions? email


Last but not least! Big shout out to this years sponsors:


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