The Swift Industries Sightglass

Wheel Building

–a three part class–

Saturdays from 9am-11am

February 11th

February 18th

February 25th

plus one private planning consultation

Swift Industries

558 1st Ave S, 2nd Fl. Seattle, WA 98104


$175 +parts, including a 10% discount on parts

$250 if you purchase parts on your own

Build your own set of bicycle wheels with Jason Goodman, expert mechanic and co-founder of Swift Industries.

Not only will you walk away with a new set of your hand-built dream wheels, you will have an understanding of wheel theory that will make you a more confident cyclist. Have you ever found yourself needing to true your wheel on a ride? Been stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken spoke? Do you like knowing how things work and want to have the confidence to fix stuff on your own? Well then! Swift’s educational branch, Get Lost Academy, is here to teach you how with our new wheel building class.

Join Swift Industries’ co-founder Jason Goodman for this hands-on class. Jason has been a professional bicycle mechanic for 18+ years, and has a particular knack for teaching wheel building. He is delighted by components, sensitive to precision, and is committed to safety–all critical elements of the perfect wheel build. 

You will begin the course with a scheduled one-on-one consultation to determine what kind of wheels you would like to build. Jason’s expertise includes both generator hub and disc break wheel building!

Over the course of three weekends, you’ll spend 6 hours working in a small group to make your own set of wheels. You’ll be patiently guided through the process from start to finish and you’ll come away with much more than a set of new wheels.

What will you gain from this course:

  • Understanding of how wheels work
  • Skills in truing and repair
  • Confidence in knowing how to tackle wheel issues while on your own adventures
  • A take-home wheel building Tips and Tricks Worksheet

Class schedule:


$175 +parts, include 10% discount on parts.

$250, if parts purchased outside of class.

Email for inquiries and to signup

Swift Industries proudly serves Stumptown Coffee Roaster’s pour-over to get the morning going!








Welcome to Stoked Spokes third Season.

For our first installment we follow our fearless peddlers from the east side of Cascades, to the Olympic Hot Spring, Down to Gunsite Ridge and on into the Cholula Mountains outside Mexico City. Through their exploration we will learn the nuance of eating well in the backcountry on a long trip, ride solo along the WABDR, shred with an all ladies bike packing crew and push ourselves through a challenging route in a Mexican Mtn Range.

Wednesday January 18th

Rhino Room-Capitol Hill, Seattle

Doors 6:30p-Start 7:00p



Olympic Hot Springs with Komorebi Cycling Team

75 miles of bikepacking, 5 miles of backpacking, and 3 days with 8 of the raddest, strongest women on bikes in the Northwest. Last summer Komorebi, an all-women’s bike packing team based out of Portland traveled north to Olympic National Park and invited me along as a guest rider. This is the true tale of under-biking 25 miles of some of the most beautiful single-track in Washington, exploring the freshly released Elwha River, and reveling in the wild Olympic Hot Springs.

Start/End: Port Angeles, WA

Milage: 73

Duration: 3 Days


Anna Brones write up in Adventure Journal


High Route to Mexico City

From Puebla to Mexico City via the high route (4000 m) of the Paso de Cortés. Retrace the steps of the conqueror of Mexico, but with the peaceful intent of celebrating Mexico City’s renewal, in which bicycles played a major part. And it was a great adventure!

Start/End: Puebla, MEX to Mexico City, MEX

Milage: 100

Duration: 1-2 Days



Nighthawk WABDR

Bikepacking – First Tracks on the WABDR (backcountry ORV route)

Start/End: Nighthawk, WA

Milage: 115

Duration: 3 Days



Gunsight Ridge Nomz

How one person who likes real food (not dumb dehydrated meals) prepped, packed, and cooked food for a 4 day no services tour along Gunsight Ridge on Mt. Hood.


Milage: 154ish

Duration: 5 Days, 4 riding


Jan Heine
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