Swift Campout is the annual, global call to go bike-camping to celebrate the summer solstice. For the tenth year in a row, adventurers will pack camp gear on their bicycles and head out on June 22nd and 23rd, 2024 to kick off summer with a bike-overnight. Swift Campout is an ode to spending the longest day in the saddle and the shortest night under the stars. It is a celebration of the stellar community that rallies to share this stoke. To capture the magic of the event, we’ve called on Navigators around the world to guide their communities on a Swift Campout adventure.


We’re pleased to introduce you to Budolbuddy PH.

Hi, we are an independent bike workshop located in Manila, Philippines, who focus on building a community of colorful and curated bikes and bikers. 😀 Looking forward to having a swift campout in the Philippines! 😀

Swift Campout is an event I look forward to, and a chance to reunite with old friends and also introduce new friends to exploring the world with their bikes. Its very challenging for us to promote cycling in the Philippines because of the hot weather, and intense traffic, but hopefully with activities like this, we inspire people’s interests, and hopefully see cycling in a new light.

The Manila Campout

Campout Destination: Right now im looking at Camp Boa or Palaya Eco Farms, both in Sierra Madre, Philippines

About the ride: We’ll bike up a mountain range east of Manila called Sierra Madre, then down to a river along Sta Ines River. About 50 KM, mixed paved and gravel. 

The Route: coming soon

Difficulty Level: Moderate – For active individuals who are ready to ride for a full day. Expect variety in the route with a few serious climbs and descents.

Registration: Can accommodate 20-30 people. DM for details.