We set out on July 20th, 2014 to circumnavigate the Olympic Mountain Range by bicycle.

The best things, we’ve discovered, are the places we explore for their wildness, the (un)certainty, and sheer scale.

Geologic time.

Beargrass and low alpine lupine.

That dust in your teeth.

A deliberate cast into dark waters upstream.

Knowing of this nature is not in books or maps or the gear that gets you there.

It’s in the fibers of our muscles at the end of the day.  It fills the lungs on every ascent, and takes our breath away in the simplicity of a measured chirp or serrate leaf.

540 miles.

Pavement. Dirt. Gravel. Single Track.

Dams undammed.




For the next two weeks we’ll be getting ready to skip town. Stay tuned to find out about the route we’ll trace, the gear we’ve chosen, and how we plan to carry what we need for ten days in the mountains.

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