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Ancient Lakes Geo Primer
The fascinating geological story of this part of Washington is one of massive plumbing backups and watery inundations resulting from multiple freeze-thaw cycles during the last Ice Age beginning about 30K years ago and running to about 15K years ago. Ice sheets blanketing much of Canada extended south into present-day USA, blocking the Clark Fork Valley and causing an estimated 530 cubic-MILES of water to back up. Periodically this ice dam would fail, some geologists estimate it happened maybe a hundred times, sending floodwaters rushing south and west though a handful of drainages, only to be backed up once again at Wallula Gap near Pasco. These converging floodwaters would then back up the Snake River drainage, creating a massive lake known as Lake Lewis, which itself would only hang around for a week or so before draining out through Wallula Gap. Repeated cycles of freeze and thaw carved and channelized the landscape into efficient drainageways (aka “coulees”) for unfathomable amounts of meltwater, as well as deposited deep layers of silt and mud which forms the areas fertile topsoils.
The heck even is a “coulee”???
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