Dear Swift Customer Community,

I’m writing this open letter to announce a gradual and significant shift in our company. In 2022, Swift Industries will debut our first internationally-made bags. I’m sharing this news in the spirit of transparency: I believe it is imperative and effective to vote with one’s dollars. With this in mind, I’m eager to share the details of our path forward to encourage you to make informed and thoughtful choices about your purchasing power.

Concentric Sourcing

Beginning in March of 2022, a portion of our stock collection will be made in Indonesia, built from materials produced throughout Asia. The goal is to have the majority of our Swift Industries stock bags built overseas in the near future. In partnership with Carry Gear Solutions, we’ve chosen a manufacturer in Surabaya that we are excited to work with.

We will continue to work in close collaboration with our network of Seattle, WA factory partners to produce select stock and Limited Edition Collections. Our talented in-house sewing crew will continue to build customizable bags along with a selection of our cult-classic designs. The origin of each product will be clearly designated within its specs on our website.

The Impact

From stronger wages and benefits, to exciting new career horizons, our move to overseas production intends to elevate everyone’s work experiences through Swift. We’re here to reinvest in the amazing people that make Swift hum–whether they work under our roof or beyond our walls–because we dream that our collective success will permeate throughout our network of communities.

What’s more, we’re hungry to invest time and resources into building the culture that makes us Swift! That looks like hosting more brand events that center community, and the culture and projects which energize and inspire social and environmental awareness, and it means supporting change-makers and visionaries in their pursuits toward inclusion and visibility. These are the waves we’re ready to make.

We’re as proud as ever to usher our company forward, and we carefully weigh the responsibilities and the complexities of doing good business. Thanks so much for being on this journey with us, and for making our dream jobs possible. It’s a wonder and privilege.

Martina Brimmer and Jason Goodman