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@Bikesbooksnbanjos. How has BMX altered your outlook on bicycle tramping and the geared side of the bicycle industry? 

I don’t think it would be overstated to say bmx has shaped my life more then any other factor. The vast majority of my friends stem from it, so crust would not ever have come to be with out it. BMX has always just been a fun thing to do, that helped clear my head of clutter and “big bikes” are just the same thing for me, taking a ride and sleeping outside is so good for my metal state of mind, regardless of what kinda bike its on.  As far as the industry goes, I don’t really have a clue about it, nor do I want to. in all your bike travels, which moment was the sketchiest?
Damn! there has been a few. A couple that stick out are, the truck driver who tried to abduct and rape me, getting robbed at gun point in the middle of the night by two balaclava wearing guys, being woken by some guy kicking the shit out of me, cause he did not like where I was sleeping and of course there have been a bunch of online dates that have gone sour. 
@evanjameshouston I live in L.A and get around solely on a bicycle…I miss surfing though! Whats the best surfboard rack for a bicycle set up?
Hands down Farfarer trailers are the best way I have found to carry a surfboard. They are hand made in Santa Cruz by francis cycles. 
@buensalado what compromises are you proud to have not made / fought intentionally avoided?
Just staying as true to who I am as possible, regardless of what may be expected from others, is something which I am proud of. That and trying to be honest and give back to others when I can. I really love seeing people happy, thats all I want.
@zanzibar_radlove what kind of troubles did you experience touring with a side mounted surf rack?
Nothing besides slight frustration. They work fine, aside from always being kinda in the way. The farfarer trailer or a extracyle work better, but use what ever you can get your hands on or have.
@raincityrider What inspired the name CrustScabies and travel.
@thelongshortcutnz What are your top 5 bicycle items you would never leave home without. 
1. My swift bags.
2. Hennessy Hammock.
3. Sleeping bag.
4. Lock.
5. An open mind in search of weirdness.
@searchandenjoy What has been your favorite bad idea?
Starting Crust bikes. It has been way more of a ball ache then I imagined. But has most certainly been worth it.
@emptyfieldsorg Your favorite bike that you own/owned before crust?
That would have to be the first BMX bike I brought, I think it was a mongoose villain. Not because it was a good bike, (It snapped pretty soon after I brought it.) but because of the road it sent me down.
@ilovebigfoot How much Dr Pepper have you consumed in one sitting?
This is a tuff one to answer, as once I get passed about a gallon and a half, my teeth start to tingle and I transcend to another dimension, free from time, measurement constraints and any other earthly consciousness. All I know is, when I do come crushing back down to earth my stomach aches my whole body is sticky and there are empty Dr pepper cans everywhere.  
@oldgrumpy Is it true you can’t feel pain, if so, has this allowed you to level-up wizard status on tinder?
This rumor is so far from the truth. With every match my heart fills with joy, with ever left swipe I shed a single tear.
@swiftindustries What moves you? Why do you do what you do?
I just wanna see more people being who they truly are and not giving two fucks about if they fit into a certain click or not and I feel being outside in nature, be it on a bike or otherwise helps break down the barriers we all put up around us. The modern world is so crazy, high paced and anxiety producing that anything that slows us down and puts us more in the now has to be a good thing and there is nothing like a stiff head wind to really put you in the present moment. If Crust somehow contributes to getting more people outside and smiling then I have achieved all I could ever want.
@cheekytransport Whats your fav touring location in OZ?
I really like it all  around the coffs harbor  hinterland. Plenty of dirt to ride and feels way more isolated then it is.


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(most of these photos are probably from @radavist)

I emailed Matt a few months back. So, it went sorta like this:

Martina: If you wanna give away a bike, that’s wholeheartedly up to you–and that would be the coolest.

Matt: Ok Sign me up for the  “most fun would be run a special give-away for a bike.” I mean come on, who does not always want the most fun?


So with that, you’re the schmuck who fucking wins out. Well, only if you sign on for Swift Campout and go bike camping on June 25th! I have no idea if you’d win the Evasion or what Matt has up his sleeves, but does that even matter?! YOU MIGHT WIN A CRUST BIKE. Fr Real.

(dear international participants, if you win, shipping is on you)

So sign up. Now.

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