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Ocean Air Cycles is small, family run, Bicycle company based in Ventura, CA.  The homegrown endeavor started in 2010 as a company in the quest for the “One” bike that met most of their needs.  Birthed out of the garage, with many a vintage restorations, prototypes tested, bag sewn and thousands of miles logged our lineup is making past inception to truly established.  Ocean Air Cycles has Ramblers rolling around the globe, many a Docena bag pressed into service and t’s founders are constantly inspired by the growth of the #coffeeoutside movement they initiated a few years back.


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The Rambler is Ocean Air’s flagship bicycle model, based on the traditional French cyclotouriing designs.  It is designed to have a lively ride with neutral handling while carrying a modest front load.  Rob Perks likes his gear up front where he can see it and get to it without having to dismount.  It is an original Ocean Air Cycles design, produced in small batches here in the USA.  Tested from the Oregon Outback to thousands of rando, commuter and touring miles, they continue to meet and exceed the designer’s, and their customers’, hopes and expectations.

The Docena demi-porteur bag is a collaboration project with Swift.  It bridges the gap between a rando and full sized porteur bag, and works well as the One bag for 90% of your daily stuff hauling needs.  It will hold way more than you expect, without losing track of what is in there.  Designed around the width of a dozen eggs (Docena) it also conveniently holds two 6-packs side by side.  Pushing the envelope further with cutting edge UL XPac material, the empty bag weight is lower than the average rando bag…More Room + Less Weight = more room for the stuff you use.

“Looking for a front touring bag in time for summer?

The Docena Demi-Porteur bag brings contemporary design and technical fabrics to the randonneur front bag. The Docena Demi-Porteur bridges the gap between a tall rando style front bag and a full sized Porteur bag.  Designer and owner of Ocean Air Cycles, Rob Perks, pushes traditional standards by widening and adding height to traditional randonneur dimensions, and by incorporating design elements from the technical outdoor industry.  

Specs: Dimensions of the main compartment are 28cm tall x 21cm deep x 30 cm wide. Designed fit 1 dozen eggs wide, and deep enough front to back to fit a second dozen as needed.  Happy accident in that this is also the size of 12 beverage cans…..

Outstanding Features: External u-lock pocket, internal partitioning panel, roll closure front access opening, top flap with vinyl map window allows touch activation of smart device screens.

Small batch production: The Docena Demi Porteur Bag is sewn by Swift Industries exclusively for Ocean Air Cycles. Martina Brimmer, lead designer and owner of Swift Industries, worked closely with Perks to draft the highest quality, lightweight rando bag on the market. Swift Industries is recognized within the bicycle industry for expert design and small scale in-house production.”

Ordering: Preorder live through end of May, 2016. Limited to 20 piece batch. http://store.oceanaircycles.com/products/docena-demi-porteur-bag

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Don’t miss a chance to win this Rambler’s Package from Ocean Air Cycles by signing up for Swift Campout! The useful compilation of goods includes an Ocean Air Cycles Cap made by Randi Jo Fabrications, a double weave kerchief and a beautiful leather Journey Wallet!