Swift Industries will join Donkeylope Bicycles from Bellingham, WA in this year’s Oregon Manifest.

Greg Heath is an amazing crafter, and we were totally smitten when he asked us to design and construct a bag specifically for his Manifest Bike. Next weekend, Martina will travel by Bilenki and Train to Portland for the show where over 30 constructors will put their builds to the test. The bicycle’s grace is articulated by the combination of aethetics and fuction. The Oregon Manifest is a call to builders to make beautiful bicycles that withstand the wear and tear of dedicated cycling, commuting, hauling, and even racing. Each builder will ride their Manifest bicycle in a 50 mile race.

As it happens, Martina’s close friend of over 25 years will be at Oregon Manifest with a team of Industrial Designers from Ideo, a company based in part in Palo Alto, CA. It’s bound to be a wonderful weekend.

To our PDX customers–we’d love to see you there!