Get ready to hit the road with three introductory courses taught by the adventurous folks at Swift Industries.
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If you love camping and you have a bike, then combining the two will open the doors to a whole new way to travel. Come learn the Bike Camping Basics touring at Swift Industries on Saturday, March 28th. We’ll cover the basics of bicycle adventure planning from route finding and local destinations, gear and equipment, and food planning.
Food is fuel when you’re adventuring by bicycle! Cooking on a small “backpacking” stove has its limitations, but there are amazing ways to broaden your culinary horizons in the Camp Stove and Backcountry Cooking class! Think backpacking stoves, one-pot meals, and titanium sporks. Led by Jason Goodman, a former mountain guide, and a stellar backcountry cook, you’ll learn how to put together the perfect bicycle touring kitchen, and find out which backpacking stoves and fuel types are right for your adventure.
The Get Lost Academy series finishes up with a closer look at mechanical skills you’ll want under your belt if you’re hitting the road. The Trailside Mechanics class will help you confidently address snapped spokes, a broken chain, or an en route derailleur fail. In this workshop we will look at specific tools and tricks of the trade when these mechanicals catch you by surprise.
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