March 31, 2021 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST

Well, 2021 hasn’t been dull. There has been some heavy stuff going as well as a lot of look’n up. As vaccines become more wide spread the thought of planning more adventures in on the horizon. We hope you are staying safe and healthy. We are back with our 3rd Stoked Spoke episode of 2021, BIPOC Nite! Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC for short) is a dedicated space for our BIPOC friends and community to tell their tales of adventure.

Wondering what Stoked Spoke is? Check out our previous post.

For the 3rd Episode of our 2021 Season we have adventurers from three continents. Tonights we visit Europe, S. Korea, and N. America, dispatches include riding across Korea during a pandemic and riding the entire Underground Railroad route, and much more:

The Bougie Refugee

South Korea Solo

Olympic Peninsula Dilly Dally

Underground Railroad by bicycle




Tenzin Namdol (she/her)



The Bougie Refugee

The alpine mountain bike route runs 670 km east to west cutting through some of the most stunning landscapes I have ever witnessed on bike. The route take your through the Swiss alps for crying out loud.

Irina Wang (she/her)

370 miles

Ride With GPS Route

South Korea Solo

The “4Rivers” path runs between major Korean cities Seoul and Busan, cutting diagonally through the peninsula as part of the government’s effort to add more dedicated cycling routes across the country. It’s known for accessible amenities along the way and mostly well-maintained infrastructure, which took a lot of stress off my shoulders as a solo rider navigating without mobile data or native language fluency. After a couple months of living in the center of Seoul, I was happy to see more rural areas — the route hugged the Han and Nakdong rivers, passing through some mountains, small towns, and many agricultural fields before reaching the Korea Straight sea passage in the southeast.

Kevin Marshall (he/him)

254 miles

Ride With GPS Route

Olympic Peninsula Dilly Dally

During the summer of the pandemic, I was looking to try and find some normalcy in what was seemingly crazy times. I had been going on day rides and tracking the phases for campsites and reservations. At the end of June, I had decided that I would attempt a portion of the Olympic Peninsula.

Erick Cedeño (he/him)

1900 miles

Ride With GPS Route

The history of the Underground Railroad comes alive as you pedal along the 1,997.3-mile corridor that traces the Freedom Trail route from the Deep South to Canada, passing points of interest and historic sites. Beginning in Mobile, Alabama, — a busy port for slavery during the pre-civil war era — the route goes north following rivers through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Waterways, as well as the North Star, were often used by freedom seekers as a guide in their journeys to escape slavery. Upon crossing into Ohio, the route leaves the river to head toward Lake Erie and enters Canada at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York.


Happy Trail Tales