Welcome to Stoked Spokes Season Finale.

The Third Episode of our adventure series is dirty… Lots of dirt riding that is. From back roads and trail of BC to an Iconic journey through some of Oregon Timber country’s epic single track, a brush with Idaho Wilderness and high roads in the Sierra Nevada. We are going bike packing.

Wednesday March 29th

Rhino Room-Capitol Hill, Seattle

Doors 6:30p-Start 7:00p


Found in the Mountains-Yellowstone

Despite the cautionary tales, we set out to ride through Yellowstone knowing national parks are always worth visiting. We didn’t do a lot of planning before going, and learned on the ground by talking to people. Our approach paid off: in Yellowstone we found incredible natural wonders, traveled roads that were in better shape than we’d been led to believe, and experienced the kindness of strangers every single day.

Start/End: Yellowstone NPS

Milage: 270 Miles

Duration: 5-8 days

Map: https://foundinthemountains.com

An Oregon odyssey

An Oregon odyssey in search of empty spaces and desert redband trout on the fly. Beginning in the austere basins of SE Oregon, over and under towering fault-block escarpments, across an extensive marshland, cresting the Cascades and Crater Lake Rim, down the mighty Umpqua gorge, finally up over the Calapooia Range and into the Willamette Valley. 466 miles ridden solo. A ride of self-discovery, of lowest lows and of highest highs.

Start: Steens to Eugene

Milage: 466 Miles

Duration: 7 days

Map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16907218

Lets make 1000k a little harder…

In 2013, my friend James and I decided to tackle the Seattle Randonneurs’ 1000 kilometer brevet from Seattle to Crater Lake (via the Washington and Oregon coast), using only what we could carry on our own. Instead of accepting assistance, or sleeping in hotel rooms, we carried minimal camping gear and slept outside. This is a beautiful and challenging route, well suited to a week of riding; but mine is a story about challenging yourself to pack a long tour into minimal time.

Start/End: Seattle to Crater Lake

Milage: 1000 kilometer

Duration: 60hr 25min

Map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16697961

Carrizo Plain & San Andreas

After visiting my sister in Los Angeles she dropped me off in ventura and I rode through Los Padres to get to the Carrizo plain. I followed the San Andreas fault and rode off pavement as much as possible. When I hit the burbs I resupplied and got into the Santa Cruz mountains and followed their spline until I got to the nearest Bart station in South Sf and went to Oakland.

Start/End: Ventura to Oakland

Milage: 400 Miles

Duration: 6 days

Map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17538797