Stoked Spoke Adventure Series rolls into it’s second year of events! 

Stoked Spoke is a series of adventure presentations. Each evening kicks off with four to six self supported bike camping routes complete with maps, photos and planning tips. This year the trip reports will be 5-10 minutes long. Once all of the presentations are finished, each presenter will host an information table where they will answer individual questions and have detailed maps of region they explored.

This is a three-part series that highlights the best bike camping destinations in Cascadia and beyond. We throw the events right here in Seattle to get folks pumped to explore our neck of the woods.

Stoked Spoke is being graciously hosted by the Rhino Room (click for map), a full bar equipped with a rad set-up for screening Stoked Spoke and booths that are perfectly laid out for you to check out maps and learn more. Rhino Room is opening its doors just for us!

We’ll be publishing a summary of each Stoked Spoke event on our blog, including route summaries and digital maps.

Not in Seattle? Scroll on down the page to the Stoked Spoke Adventure Series how-to guide and bring the event to your community.

Submission Guidelines (January 20th presentation due bu Jan. 10, February 17th due by Feb. 6th)

If you have a route you would like to share please email a pitch with the following info to

  •            Your name and email address (yes, in the body of the email)
  •            Date: January 20th or February 17th?
  • Route Overview (1 paragraph/4 sentences). Make this worthy of posting on our blog please.

  • Names of start point and destination

  • Total mileage

  • Duration of your trip

  • Link to a digital map generated on either Ride With GPS or Google maps

  • 4 clear resolution, compelling photos from the ride

  • Select a 5 minute or 10 minute time-slot

All submissions will be reviewed and we’ll select pitches that create an evening that highlights all sorts of terrain, diverse levels of challenge, and mesmerizing landscapes. Our aim is to aggregate as many adventures that start and end at our Seattle doorsteps as possible, but don’t hold back if you have a kick-ass route from another part of the world.

What are presenters committing to?

Each presenter is asked to 

  • Compile and submit a digital version of your presentation (ie powerpoint) complete with maps and kick-ass photos.

  • Bring a table map or enlarged gazetteer maps with the route clearly highlighted for people to geek-out about.

  • Be prepared to host an info table to answer logistical questions, gear concerns, navigation inquiries and more.

All presentation summaries and map links will be posted to Swift Industries’ blog, and the presentations may be filmed so you’ll be agreeing to being filmed by submitting your adventure.

Seattle Stoked Spoke presenters will receive 10% off Swift Industries products along with free admission for the night of your presentation.