Custom orders closing from January 1st to February 1st, 2013. (That means pounce if you’re hoping to get bags in January)

Ready Made orders will be waiting for good homes for the duration of our closure, and available for shipment within four business days of purchase.

Ready Made panniers


Here at Swift Industries we are molding the culture of our company, and we’ve landed on an annual tradition that breathes vitality into our work, and that is, well, less than conventional.

We close our doors to custom orders for the month of January. Last year was the first time we had given it a shot, and it was one of the most fulfilling choices we’ve made. Here’s what I told you a year ago:

“In September, I hatched a seedling of a plan which soon became my beacon as the summer rush seamlessly folded into the holiday rush, sans pause.

This little idea? Close Swift Industries for six weeks. I know, it seems like a little feat–and you might say: she’s the boss, what’s the big deal? Well, I must be honest, it took a great deal of courage to take the time to slow down. Infact, I will argue that slowing down is antithetical to doing business.

This year was the first in six that Jason and I didn’t do any bicycle-touring together. Damn. I was so busy sewing ten hours a day that I had no way to step out and skip town. We understand that touring season is part of cycling season, and that we’ll be committing to working while others are playing. But it dawned on me that we not only get to, but we need to, create a culture around this company which allows us to play as well. So here’s to tradition: We will be closing our doors every year to take time to rejuvinate and get our restore our creative forces. We hope the time will lend itself to touring, and certainly will commit ourselves to taking a break during the middle of the winter. This year we cooked, and slept, and went to the coast, and biked, and trained the dog to get in the trailer, and did a whole lot of creative work behind the doors at Swift Industries.” –-From Head, Heart and Hands, 2012

Team Swift will be in and out of the studio as usual, but for four to six weeks we will be egging each other on as a creative team, we’ll be riding our bikes a lot, and attending to the body of the business that gets neglected during our day-to-day hustle.

We have caps, tool rolls, and Ready Made stock available for the month, as well as Gift Certificates and Wool Cycling Jerseys.


Thanks for the most successful year yet! You’ve all breathed life into an independent business right here in Seattle, and we love you all so much for your enthusiasm and support.

We’re livin’ the dream cuz of you!

See you on February 1st when the queue opens up again


Martina, Jason, Sonia, Ilana, and Loki