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On the Fourth Day of Swiftmas…. Beija Flor

A Gift Guide for The Urban Cyclist

Hello Beija! Tell us a little about yourself: Hiya! I’m Beija Flor, born & raised in Seattle, Washington relocated to Portland and came back 2020 to help out with some family stuff. During that period I fell in love with cycling. It became a little safe space for me to push my body and find a bit of quiet from all the other things buzzing around in my head. I got real lucky to fall into adventure biking and that’s truly where my heart resides now. What’s wonderful is I now get to work with really wonderful companies like Swift and OTSO and Ombraz. It’s been a real treat and blessing to be able to commit so much of my life to something so wonderful like riding bikes.

What are you riding here? OTSO Titanium Fenrir.

What are your favorite Swift bags for this ride? What are you packing in them at this time of year? I was so so so thankful to be able to participate in a Swift Adventure Co Custom Frame Bag Making Class in November (save 15% on workshops through Dec 12th with code swiftmas_23). The teachers, Martina and Weston, really took it upon themselves to show us the ins and outs of making a frame bag and it really freshened my perspective on all how all things are made and how I actually have no idea how to make anything haha.

On the Fenrir I always have a Zeitgeist Pack on the bars and a Gibby Stem Pouch since I’ve no longer got my water bottle holders with the full frame bag.

The Zeitgeist has alllllll the storage for layers and snacks and really whatever else I need, sometimes it’s my iPad if I’m working remotely, other times it’s just a change of clothes for commuting to work. The frame bag has by tools and bike lock and sometimes irregularly shaped snacks like meat sticks and a nerd rope. The Gibby’s got my water bottle baby! Stay hydrated 😉

I’m wearing my 2023 Campout Ardea Pack as a crossbody bag. It’s got the essentials like my phone, keys & wallet.

Tell us about a highlight of riding in 2023? I can’t really even begin to comprehend it now when I think about it, but finishing Rapha’s Yomp Rally last May was really a wild wild ride. I’d have never really thought I would be capable of completing a ride like that, but there I was ~380 miles behind me, ~47k painful and delirious climbing in my legs, standing in Santa Monica at the finish. Insane. I’m so so proud of myself and so so thankful for all the support from strangers I met.

2023 Favorite Ride Snack? Coca Cola, Rice Krispies Treats, a big ass burrito.

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