Swift Campout is the annual, global call to go bike-camping to celebrate the summer solstice. For the tenth year in a row, adventurers will pack camp gear on their bicycles and head out on June 22nd and 23rd, 2024 to kick off summer with a bike-overnight. Swift Campout is an ode to spending the longest day in the saddle and the shortest night under the stars. It is a celebration of the stellar community that rallies to share this stoke. To capture the magic of the event, we’ve called on Navigators around the world to guide their communities on a Swift Campout adventure.

We’re pleased to introduce to All Bodies On Bikes and their 4 Campout Navigators. 


Founded by Marley Blonsky and Kailey Kornhauser, All Bodies on Bikes is a non-profit organization on a mission to create body-size inclusive cycling communities while helping educate and change the cycling industry to ensure safe and comfortable biking equipment. All Bodies on Bikes is growing this celebration of joyful movement, launching 11 chapters across the United States. The regional chapters have led 15 group rides in 10 cities with over 1500 participants.


Bike camping is an activity close to Marley and Kailey’s hearts as it builds this connection and community among the group of adventures. Whether it’s a challenging multi-day route or an overnight to a local state park, bike camping is a great way to explore your world and make lifelong friends under the stars and around a campfire. For this year’s Swift Campout, 4 All Bodies on Bikes leaders are joining as Swift Campout Navigators, hosting trips in their communities. These groups are focused on overnight bike camping trips designed to be inclusive, creating a positive and encouraging environment.

Bobby Arispe, The Seattle ABOB Chapter

The Seattle chapter of All Bodies on Bikes is led by executive board member Bobby Arispe. He hopes to grow this local chapter through urban, gravel, and mtb group rides designed to be welcoming, no-drop, and include plenty of snack breaks.

In Bobby’s words “What I really like about the Swift Campout is that it presents an opportunity to try bike camping in a safe and fun environment with a group of folks who are all excited to be out on the bike. I was so nervous on my first campout, but everyone I met was so helpful and encouraging during our trip. I have made many friends on campout trips and left with great memories.”


Campout Destination: AYH Ranch on Vashon Island

About the ride: Our 15-mile ABOB Seattle route will start in West Seattle as we bike along paths and low-traffic roads to the Fauntleroy ferry terminal. We will take the ferry to Vashon, where we will slowly climb the steep roads up from the ferry dock. We will stick to lower-traffic roads, but there will be punchy climbs. We will ensure we all stay together and walk steep hills as needed. Our destination is the AYH Ranch, where we will meet up with other groups for the Swift Industries-sponsored campout. Our group is intended for folks new to bike camping and looking for a no-drop, slower-speed group.

The Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/46375879

Difficulty Level: Easy – Great for newcomers to bicycle touring who are comfortable on the road and ready to expand their skills. Paved. Expect an 8-10 miles per hour pace

Registration: 15 spots available. Registration through Swift Adventure Co.

Shana & Tim, The Chicago ABOB Chapter

As your Chicago chapter of All Bodies on Bikes leaders, Shana and Tim love to lead riders of all speed and ability levels on rides around Chicagoland. At our cores we believe all bodies are good bodies, all bikes are good bikes, and all rides are good rides! The Swift Campout is an opportunity to step away from our busy lives and soak in the joy of riding, community, and sleeping under the stars. It’s an opportunity to be in nature with the broad shoulders of the Chicago in our rearview mirror. It’s the perfect event for All Bodies on Bikes to embrace and work in concert with Swift Industries.


Campout Destination: Camp Shobbana Woods

About the ride: A great route mostly on trails and bike lanes. We will be exploring the south portion of the Lakefront Path, as well as hidden gems in the south part of the city, ending at Camp Shobbana Woods. 23 miles one way.

The Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/46203902

Difficulty Level: Easy – Great for newcomers to bicycle touring who are comfortable on the road and ready to expand their skills. Terrain will be mostly paved with some hard packed gravel/dirt rail trail routes. Expect a pace of about 10-12 mph. 

Registration: https://forms.gle/HCXPReF7PKscSrtH7


Molly, The Richmond ABOB Chapter

The Richmond chapter of ABOB is headed up by Molly. Molly has worked in outdoor retail for almost a decade. Growing up outside Washington, DC, a love for bikes was instilled at a very young age. Like many, it was a child’s first taste of freedom. She’s passionate about expanding inclusivity in outdoor retail and helping everyone see themselves in outdoor spaces.

To Molly, The Swift Campout is a celebration of life on bikes. Community built around a love for exploring the world by bike.



Campout Destination: Lawrence  Lewis, Jr. Park Primitive Camping Area

About the ride: The out and back route starts at the Virginia Capital Trail Richmond Trailhead and rides out to Lawerence Lewis Jr. Park, where we will stay at a primitive campsite. 57.5 miles total (28.75 per day). Mixed paved & gravel. Expect a pace of about 8-10 miles per hour.

The Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/46263100

Difficulty Level: Easy – Great for newcomers to bicycle touring who are comfortable on the road and ready to expand their skills. Terrain will be mostly paved with some hard packed gravel/dirt rail trail routes.

Registration: https://forms.gle/D8Wrb6HApttsFhFR6



Jacob, The Western MA ABOB Chapter

What does Swift Campout mean to Jacob or the Western Mass ABOB chapter? Bikepacking trips make me feel alive, connected to the earth, connected to my body. It is so special to build inclusive spaces to share with other folks who are queer, trans, fat, women, or feel excluded from mainstream bike culture. Biking and sleeping outside with other wonderful people on the summer solstice brings all these connections together in a deeply meaningful way. I am grateful to Swift Industries for encouraging this kind of valuable connection to our environment, and to each other.


Campout Destination: We will stay at a sweet and cozy hipcamp in Guilford VT, bring camping gear!

About the ride: 20 miles and less than 2000 feet of climbing each day! Smooth gravel roads and some pavement. A couple of decent climbs. Features Green River Road!

The Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/46189729

Difficulty Level: Moderate – For active individuals who are ready to ride for a full day. Expect variety in the route with a few serious climbs and descents. Expect a pace of about 8-10 mph.

Registration: Up to 15 participants, visit our Instagram for more registration info! @abob_westernmass