Swift Campout is the annual, global call to go bike-camping to celebrate the summer solstice. For the tenth year in a row, adventurers will pack camp gear on their bicycles and head out on June 22nd and 23rd, 2024 to kick off summer with a bike-overnight. Swift Campout is an ode to spending the longest day in the saddle and the shortest night under the stars. It is a celebration of the stellar community that rallies to share this stoke. To capture the magic of the event, we’ve called on Navigators around the world to guide their communities on a Swift Campout adventure.


We’re pleased to introduce you to the Vancouver Island Bikepack Collective

The VIBC leads group adventure cycling and camping activities on Vancouver Island and the surrounding area. We want to reduce barriers for those who are curious about adventure cycling by providing an opportunity for participation, knowledge, and a safe and inclusive environment for every body.

The Swift Campout was a big influence in starting the VIBC as a means to provide an avenue for like minded people to come together, chat bikes, and sleep under the stars. Party pace and being a dirt bag aren’t required, but it’s encouraged.


The Vancouver Island Bikepack Collective Campout

Campout Destination: Horseshoe Bend Group Campsite, Cowichan River Provincial Park

About the ride: Besides a series of separated bike paths to start, this route primarily follows off-road, gravel paths up the Sooke Wilderness Trail through the heart of the Cowichan Valley. At almost 80 and 1,000 meter of elevation, most of the route follows old rail trail to a secluded group camping site off of the Cowichan River. An alternative, shorter route with less climbing is also available however it entails a bit more paved road with car traffic. 78 KM. 

The Route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45671449

Difficulty Level: Moderate – For active individuals who are ready to ride for a full day. Expect variety in the route with a few serious climbs and descents.   Expected pace 10-12 miles per hour.

Registration: Room for 50 people, http://www.vanislandbikepack.com/upcoming-events or https://www.eventbrite.com/o/van-island-bikepack-collective-64867263443