The horizon mesmerizes explorers.

It coaxes adventurous souls deeper into the unknown, and curious minds are held captive to uncharted territory. You know the feeling, “Just one more curve in the road…just one more ridgeline and I’ll turn back.”

That distant thread is spellbinding.

At Swift, we’ve been hypnotized by the horizon from the very start, it pulled at our imaginations to see what we could do with a sewing machine and a roll of fabric, and it has sent us chasing thousands of miles on our bicycles. With adventure as our muse, we’ve built our lives on a home-spun business committed to bicycles and craftsmanship.

For the past ten years, we’ve been adding modern textiles and our pop of color to traditional bicycle designs–handcrafted, bag by bag. Now we’re pushing the envelop with a classic fabric that has innovation at its core.


The Metamorphosis of Canvas

The Horizon Line, featuring our Sugarloaf Basket Bag, Small Zeitgeist Saddle Bag and Paloma Handlebar Bag, is made from X10 Cotton Duck, the very first traditional canvas fabric to incorporate the modern magic of XPac. X10 Cotton Duck is a totally new waterproof cotton canvas, made here in the United States. 

We weighed-in as the innovators of XPac set out to rethink the way natural canvas performs. The result is a 10oz canvas laminated with Dimension Polyant’s diamond-enforced backing and a fluorocarbon-free coating so that the cotton pearls off mist and light rain. Once the canvas leaves Dimension Polyant’s East Coast mill it heads for Seattle, where your bags take shape. We put ten years of skill and passion into each Horizon Line product, and are adding brand new Swift Industries designs in 2018 to celebrate our ten year anniversary!

The future of these bags is in your hands–all we know is that the horizon is calling and you’re at the helm.

The Horizon Line is COMING NOVEMBER 1st!


All photos by NB from our recent tour of Japan with the incredible team from Blue Lug, see the entire adventure here!