Congratulations to our good friend Izzy Sederbaum on the release of The Right to Joy. From REI Co-op Studios in partnership with Wondercamp, and directed by Jay Melina and Tim Kressin, this film follows Izzy’s journey as he navigates the aftermath of a near fatal cougar attack, overcomes his fears, and becomes a vocal advocate for diversity and trans inclusion within cycling communities across the country.

For us here at Swift Industries, this film and the person it follows represent the beating heart of a vibrant, supportive and inclusive cycling community right here in Seattle, WA. Through Izzy’s work with the Wild Composite Racing Team, and the outspoken advocacy of groups like Radical Adventure Riders (RAR) many people in this industry are working hard to make cycling welcoming to everyone. Thank you to all who are working to this end.

Go watch the film! And while you’re at it read this insightful article from co-director Jay Melena, published in the Radavist: What’s Joy Got to Do With It? A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the New Film: “The Right to Joy”