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On the Last Day of Swiftmas…. Hailey Moore

A Gift Guide for Gravel & Road Cycling

Hi Hailey! Tell us about yourself: I got into bikes through commuting—first in high school in North Carolina and again later after moving to Boulder, Colorado, where I’ve called home for the past seven (plus) years! Commuting lead me to bike touring which, in a round-about way, lead me back to recreational day riding and some racing. What I love most about bikes is how they compliment daily demands, but then let me escape them: I’m happier when I ride to the grocery store than drive, and I’m happiest when I’m out on a long tour with no agenda at all.

What are you riding here? The Heartbreaker, from the small Warsaw-based brand True Love.

What are your favorite Swift bags for this ride and what are you packing in them at this time of year? In this portrait, my bike is setup for a bike-to-climb mission, a near-weekly routine for my partner, Tony, and myself. There’s an historic trad climbing area just 6 miles from our house that makes for a chill “multi-sport” outing when ride there with the climbing gear. Here, I’m running the Capstone Handlebar Bag (coming Spring 2024) up front paired with two Gibby Stem Bags for climbing shoes, harness, belay device, and water bottles. The Hold Fast Half Frame Bag has my repair items, wallet, bike lock, lights, and packable wind jacket. Seated on the rear Carradice Bagman Support, I’m rocking a Zeitgeist Pack for the rope! Lastly, I’m wearing the Ardea Hip Pack for easy access to phone, camera, chapstick and snacks.

Tell us about a highlight of riding in 2023? This is a bike that I am in the midst of test-riding and reviewing for The Radavist. I picked it up while on a two-part overseas trip: to ride the Komoot women’s bikepacking rally in Slovenia, followed by a two-week vacation tour with Tony in Italy. I thought it would be cool to spotlight an EU builder for both trips. During my time in Europe, a 2023 and general life highlight was getting to do a weekend loop through part of the Dolomite Mountains, the Italian portion of the Alps.

2023 favorite ride snack? Dried mangos

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