Catalyst Pack

At a compact 7.5L, the Catalyst Pack has easily made its way onto our top-seller list as a go-to-gravel-adventure-bag. Riders with less clearance and narrow handlebars now have a stellar option for stowing gear on their handlebars and under the saddle. Add carrying capacity to this item with a Bungee Booster.

The Catalyst Pack is made out of Challenge ECOPAK 100% recycled polyester and contains roughly 10 plastic bottles rescued from ocean beaches.


Add Ons

Shoulder Strap

Add a shoulder strap to your favorite Swift Industries bags for easy off-bike-carry!

Hobopieces Restuvus

The Restuvus is a saddle-bag attachment part that bolts to the rails of a bicycle saddle. It's easy to install and is the perfect solution for people who want to use our Zeitgeist Pack or Bandito Bicycle Bag on a saddle that doesn't feature built-on attachment tabs.



Velo Orange Saddle Loop Set

The Velo Orange Saddle Loops are aftermarket stainless steel loops that bolt onto the rails of your saddle in order to attach our Bandito Handlebar and Saddle Bag or Zeitgeist Bag. They are perfect for anyone whose saddle doesn't come with integrated bag loops.

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As any rider of smaller stature will tell you, when it comes to bike bags, there’s a fine line between, “big enough to haul my adventure gear and too big for my small frame.” 

With an unmistakable design nod to the Zeitgeist, the design objective of the Catalyst was answering the specific needs of smaller riders. The result is a beautifully functional mid-capacity bag that works well for everyone!