This Swiftmas we’re showcasing 9 standout gift guides from community members from Seattle to Manila.



On the Second Day of Swiftmas…. Izzy Sederbaum

Hi Izzy! Tell us about yourself: My name is Izzy and I’m a PhD candidate in public policy at the University of Washington in Seattle. I’m also a retired bike mechanic. I started
commuting by bike when I moved to the West Coast in 2008 and also dabble in racing and bikepacking. I love how my bike can take me all sorts of places, helps me clear my mind, and gives me an excuse to hang out with friends in the outdoors.

Tell us about what you’re riding: I am riding a 333fab gravel bike that I’ve had since 2019. Sadly the frame builder, Max, passed away in 2021, so this bike I extra special to me. I love
riding it both around town and in the dirt — I’ve ridden it in a bunch of cities and states across the country.

What are your favorite Swift bags for this ride? What are you packing in them at this time of year? The Bandito Bicycle Bag goes with me on pretty much every ride. I put my food, tools, wallet, and any other small items that I need in there so that I can access them while riding. Since it’s getting colder, I also will bring along my Catalyst Pack so that I can fit extra layers and sometimes a small thermos of coffee.

Tell us about a highlight of riding in 2023? Riding Plains of Abraham on Mount St Helen’s was so hard and so fun. I didn’t do many super epic rides in 2023 because school got very busy. But I did introduce a friend to Thrilla (a great, relatively short gravel ride in Woodinville), which was a ton of fun and right in our backyard.

2023 Favorite Ride Snack? It’s a tie between Pringles and Good & Plenty.


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