This Swiftmas we’re showcasing 9 standout gift guides from community members from Seattle to Manila.


On the Third Day of Swiftmas…. Marcus Gomersall

A Gift Guide for Commuting by Bicycle

Hi Marcus, tell us about yourself: I’m a primary school teacher from the UK now residing in Seoul, South Korea, working in a diverse international school. Seoul has been home on and off since 2009. When I am not at school, I am probably riding my bike. I use my bike for everything during all seasons: commuting to school, grocery shopping, meeting up with friends and going on bike-camping adventures. Riding my bike is almost a form of meditation for me; it helps clear my mind and makes me happy.

What bike are you riding here? This is my Rivendell Clem, which is my main commuter bike and sometimes gets some more adventurous rides outside of the city. I love this bike. Cozy isn’t usually an adjective to describe a bicycle, but it feels suitable for the Clem. It sounds weird, but that’s how it feels with the chunky tires, spring saddle, upright riding position and stable ride.

What are your favorite Swift bags for this ride and what are you packing in them at this time of year? Up front, I’ve got the Sugarloaf Basket Bag and the Zeitgeist Pack on the rear. I’m mostly commuting this time of year and picking up groceries on the way home. I also always carry way too many tools on my rides just in case! When these photos were taken, I had a warm tarte tatin in the basket bag that I made for visiting a friend’s house.

Tell us about a highlight of riding in 2023? I’ve had some amazing rides in Korea, but the highlight has to be spending a month in Tokyo over the summer. There were so many awesome bike nerds, and I made some good friends so easily thanks to bikes. Of course, visiting all the Bluelugs was a highlight, but there were some other amazing bike shops too like: Wood Village Cycles, Gino, Crumbworks, Hasegawa Bicycle Sales and so many more. A meal at Nasu Oyaji is a must not just for the tasty curry but for the sweet bikes parked outside.

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